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I learned a lot from Arjuna Ardagh, founder of “Living Essence Foundation” in the past week.

It was an awakening experience.

Imagine seeing your thoughts, feelings, body, or anything else like they’re independent parts of you.

Yes, parts of you – because there’s a higher ‘person’ in charge looking over them, and independent – because they could control you instead sometimes.

So during this process, I’ve been through different states.

Even been zonked out of my logical mind.

And I found a glaring problem: You see, when you get into this state of awakening, of realizing your consciousness, sometimes you go way overboard and it can be too ecstatic.

As if you’re not identified with reality anymore. (That’s why you see people who’ve gone through this experience who sometimes quit their jobs to preach this, to seek deeper for this experience, or just go to the mountains and become monks.)

But ultimately, we’re all still living in it.

And I was taught neither way – being too connected to spirituality or this current reality – is the right way to live.

Because the key to an ideal condition of life on earth lies in balance.

So I was curious on what was the balance in this.

And then Hani, a friend of mine came up to give a presentation on “Manifesting” this Tuesday. She shared tons of stuff which were valuable on the subject. For me, what was most valuable was when she talked about the “bubbly” feeling and the “sinking” feeling.

Where she shared about how you should always feel good of the essence of what you wish, so the Universe will choose to grant you what you desire since your vibrations match.

That if you want to get rich, well – feel it often in a good way. And usually when that happens you get the ‘bubbly’ feeling.

For some reason, that sparked something in my mind subconsciously.

Now what Arjuna have taught is that your consciousness is connected to a higher source of collective, maybe, another ‘consciousness’

But this one connects all of us – or actually, it may be the one who creates ‘your destiny.’

Now what I realize is when you do stuff out of your mind, and go against what your consciousness actually feels like doing – you get this sinking feeling.

Yes, right. Go against it, you get the sinking feeling.

And guess what?

Usually after that, you notice you’ve just pushed yourself into deep ‘poo’ too.

On the other hand – if you stop thinking, stop feeling, stop guiding your actions with your mind and then let go…

When consciousness (or what feels like instincts) with its clarity hints you at doing something, and you just surrender into doing it anyways –

You’ll discover something amazing – what comes next will either make you:

1.) Happy – Something fun, exciting, new, fresh or (insert positive feeling) will come up
2.) Happier – That event will lead to something more fun, exciting, new, fresh or (insert positive feeling) on top of that
2.) Fulfilled – You’ll accomplish a purpose ‘your destiny’ decides you do

“Haha. Wait… you’re kidding, right?”

Why not give it a try?

Feelin good? Go ahead.

Feeling that sinkin stuff? Maybe next time.

Of course, you need your consciousness to tell you that – not your mind.

And to get what this consciousness stuff I’ve been telling you this whole time, there’s only one best simple fast way:

Listen to Arjuna Ardagh’s “Let Yourself Go” 6 CD program.

I don’t think there’ll ever be a simpler material than this product on spiritual awakening. OK maybe I’m just biased because it gave me my first awakening to consciousness, but since this guy graduated from Cambridge he really did make a lot of sense.

So, thanks for reading.

P.S. Remember the greatest moments of your life? Remember how they happened? Hm… were YOU the one who created that chance, opportunity or event… or did it just happened TO you anyway?

P.P.S. The key, is to be humble. And surrender to your destiny, because it always have something better in store for you.

Update 22nd October, 2009:

I had written this from a different perspective of what I understand now.

Back then, I had not much knowledge of Truth.

However, it is not what I’ve written that mattered.

This is my first post on this blog – which eventually led to many more discoveries and inspirations as shown within the writings herein.

So, enjoy the ride.

Oh, and yeah – wanted to rephrase the “sinking” and “bubbly” heart feeling better.

Instead of sensing for those sensations, this would be a clearer way:

Sense if your heart contracts or expands, even for a little bit. It may happen real quick, or stay on for a long time. Either ways, you should forget neither technique in the end.

They will help, but only for a while.

BecauseĀ  what lies down this path, eventually leads to “No-Mind.”

In “No-Mind,” you’d only have to be present, conscious, observant without thought.

You’d be Free.

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