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#02 Want A Life-Changing, Perhaps Entertaining Awakening?

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“The light of angels wavering in the darkness.”

I’ve read that from what seems to be the greatest entertainment I’ve ever had in my life.

In a piece of manga called “Beck.”

In the beginning when I was introduced to it, I held a skepticism for it.

I was told, “This was the best thing I’ve ever read.”

That was three years ago.

Today, this morning, I arrived at chapter 99 of this book.

I’ve read it up to 93 almost half a year ago, but decided to read from chapter 1 again three weeks ago.

Something, I’d say, this “angel within the darkness” prompted me to.

And… I’m glad to say I’ve had the best times of my life reading it.

Nothing, I mean nothing had ever made me feel this happy, released and satisfied before.

I present you Beck.

Talks about music – how a teen from age 14 got involved into a band.

A band so intimate, it makes you think of what kind of relationships are really possible in this world

How they face all the hardships which would be impossible for most of us to rise above.

And how they get through it together.

Over and over again:

P.S. Sometimes, it’s not about the entertainment.

It’s about the truth which is calling from you from underneath the surface of the water.

P.P.S. The beginning chapters may seem meaningless.

But I assure you, it’ll lead up to an entertaining ‘roller-coaster’ ride.

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