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#08 Complete Surrender

Posted: April 28th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Life | 6 Comments »

I’m going to do this tomorrow.

I’ve just read “The Translucent Revolution” by Arjuna Ardagh in several parts.

Just allowed my “I” to pick which chapter to read.

And after reading it on my bed, I’ve decided to do this.

“Complete Surrender.”

As I type these words, I wasn’t at all thinking.

I was completely letting the words fall on this blank canvas of my blog one by one.

Did I have to control every word really?

I don’t know.

Sometimes complete surrender calls to us.

And if we allow it, let it, perhaps something else amazing could happen.

Could I put myself in trouble?

Could destiny do what it seems to be good at doing again?

Could it mess up my life and put me in a distressful state?

I believe…

This will all lead to a collective balance and healing.

Either ways.

Listen – completely surrendering doesn’t mean you don’t do anything.


Your instincts wouldn’t allow you to.

Your “I” will prompt you in a direction.

That’s what I’m gonna do, following it.

I really wish this message could spread.

Because you and I are One.

And the collective “I” needs to know about this truth.

It’s time.

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6 Comments on “#08 Complete Surrender”

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