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#06 Spiritual Practice Is Never-Ending

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I think I get it.


I don’t know.

So yesterday I wrote to you about how destiny may mess with you sometimes.

It happened to me, and I was out there to seek an answer for why it happened.

I lied.

I didn’t go out to seek an answer.

I was just waiting to see what happens.

As usual, I work.

Slowly, I was regaining the peacefulness within me.

I started to realize something.

No matter what happens, I’ll always drop deeper into consciousness for a while.

And then come back to my usual mindfulness.

I try hard to keep myself spacious.

But the fact is in this current reality we live in – you’ll still always be pulled out of your “I.”

Because it’s hard going against so many people who hold their own realities based on the delusion we’re programmed with.

And I thought**, “Maybe, just maybe… destiny says there are still more things that should happen before the complete whole spiritual awakening wave within people in the world should start.”

Perhaps a sudden change may only cause more harm than good.


Mind stuff.

I still need it.

To live in this world, to keep ourselves alive, to ensure that there are colors throughout our lifetime.

I just don’t need it to govern my life.

We just don’t need it to govern our lives.

There’s a balance.

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