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#22 Poetry On Us

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Lonely within my room, I hear the sound.

It was the sound of consciousness’ pound.

Opening the door, I see a bright hope.

As if I finally realized, I don’t have to go down this slope.

It dawned on me, we’re not living the truth.

We’re seeing the world from below, instead from high atop the roof.

Shallow, shady, suffering, we go nowhere.

But times have changed, you’re finally free to thread somewhere.

World, world, why did you turn out this way?

Is it because you’ve fallen into the human mind’s sway?

Funny thing is, we own the mind.

Why did we delude ourselves within its manipulation, as if it’s fine?

#21 Unreasonable Happiness

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Today, I want to update the three rules I’ve learned from life about how to experience constant unreasonable happiness:

1.) Live your life based on Truth. Where to start? Remember one word: Honesty.

2.) Discover who you really are outside of your thoughts, feelings, body or concepts – to free the ego, be in the present moment, and live the most unfeigned expressions of who you actually are.

3.) No matter how illusional this world may be to you, accept the fact that it’s real – everything is real. The road, the greens on the sides of it, that billboard, what it’s made of, the sounds you’re listening, all the things around you. But also accept the fact that it may just be an illusion of the mind.

The key is to not identify your complete sense of self to your mind. And to not disassociate your complete sense of self with human life. To know that ultimately, we’re not our minds and yet we live in this world together.

As you thread further up this road, you’ll also naturally come upon a consensus of why the realization of your consciousness is important.

In the end, it’s about being aware of that wholeness. Being aware of the separation caused by our selfish delusional minds. Being aware that we’re actually connected to each other, as One.

The rest is just, live.

Always in the now.

Knowing that happiness doesn’t come from the outside but from the inside.

No matter what feelings arise in your body, experience them to the fullest.

Realize all physical contractions within your body no matter how small they are.

Then relax all of them and let them all go.

Move through the world this way, trusting your heart and instincts.

#20 The Second Wave Of Humanity

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If only it was possible.

What am I talking about?

People, accepting each other without judgments.

In the world, we have people from all walks of life leading different existences.

We have been brought up differently, in different ways, in different cultures, languages, traditions.

So it makes sense to think we’re different as a result.

The good thing is we have also come to those times when people are finally starting to realize the myriads of things they’ve been doing which are just plain illogical, destructive or useless in nature.

In colleges, most students who’re not studying for a skilled profession (e.g. engineers, scientists or doctors) are beginning to realize the wastefulness of their education.

They realize they’re studying not because the knowledge is valuable anymore – but because it’s how things usually go now with everyone.

It is the same with how we treat others.

Why are we prejudiced against certain groups of people?

Because these certain groups of people have been unconsciously following a way of life they were ‘programmed’ to think is normal but which is unfavorable to you.

And why are they following that way of life?

Because they think that’s actually what LIFE is.

That that’s REALITY, not knowing that the reality they’re living in is just a restrictive illusion seen through the pair of ‘glasses’ unconsciously put on them by others, society, teachers, parents, friends and so on a long, long time ago – separating them from the bigger picture of truth that is always out there.

Naturally, they continue the cycle of the illusion because they think that their thoughts are actually true.

What about the others who hold a prejudice against them? Well since they carry this same belief, the never-ending cycle of separation continues as well.

How can we like people who don’t like us anyway?

By trying?

No one’s willing to try, why would anyone?

My way of living is right after all. My principles are the best. My rules are correct. My beliefs are absolute. Everyone just comes from my my my my my.

And so in the midst of no one willing to accept anyone first, we continue to live our own illusions of doom.

We continue not accepting each other, not willing to lower our egos, not willing to come together.

Coursing life through the delusional glasses we put on, not knowing that the end of this path only close with mere dust.


Why choose to destroy when you could make things better?

Why let the mind control you when you can control it?

Why allow the ego to rule you when you can just let it go and actually allow yourself to enjoy the REAL life which is far greater, more colorful and more exhilarating than the one you’re deluded into since you were born?

‘Cause the secret of ultimate happiness lies in there!

I welcome you to envision this with me:

It’s humanity, however long it is from now.

Because of your contribution, the world looks so much better.

Peaceful, lighthearted, satisfying.

Since everyone accepts each other, there’s no feeling of distrust.

With that out of the way, we know that our lives would not be harmed.

We know that by innocently accepting each other, we could accomplish so much more together!

By now, the gap between the rich and the poor has been dissolved.

How did that happen?

Because without an external threat from mankind and the freed ego, the rich doesn’t have to live rich anymore.

And since we start accepting people who does even the dirtiest jobs like the people who clean the sewers, pick up trash or flower the greens and plants – the perception of value over those jobs rises.

Without the ego, following our consciousness, we could come out of a willingness to SERVE.

Each person, no matter what his or her occupation is gets very equal pay, and the key stops being whether someone is shrewd enough to beat another at the game of life – but about whether one could serve satisfactorily while he or she is still alive.

Since there are no real benefits in getting your way up the hierarchy of status, power or money, people are able to function from their core desires to do good and contribute.

Crime rates lower by themselves. The masses and masses of destruction stop naturally. People want to come together.

And how does this begin again?

All by realizing that you’re not your mind, thoughts, body or feelings.

Not what you’ve learned, what you’ve been taught, or how you’ve been raised but…

Just by taking the first step of being still, taking a breath in and realizing who-you-really-are.

I’m referring to that Consciousness who observes your life, the real you behind your thoughts, feelings, body, concepts.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll realize the other person is not so different from you after all.

In fact, you may even realize how connected you actually are to each other as you continue threading up this path.

The illusions of life will seem to discolor itself, it’ll become more and more tasteless, and soon you’ll ask why you’ve even been living it in the first place.

Why haven’t you come from a sense of Love, Loving, Kindness, Compassion, Peace straight away – but followed what seems to be an illogical way of self-lie and suffering for no apparent reason worthy of appreciation…

When there’s a life where every minute, every second, every moment is worthy of celebration.

Where you could enjoy a world full of really vivid colors, of happiness, of worthy satisfaction all the time.

Where there is trust, peace and connection between all of us.

Realizing that we don’t ever need to dwell in the past or future, because the present moment is all we need.

Because there isn’t a better moment, than Now.

It is happening, this second wave of humanity.

Want to see a little entertaining hint?

Let’s see what “Britain’s Got Talent 2009” has to show us.

Introducing, “Diversity”: – Audition – Semi-Finals

Update 31st May, 2009: – Finals Results

And for humor, I’d absolutely like you to watch this. Enjoy: – Stavros Flatly

#19 Conscious Awakening

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It’s not about you, me, anyone.

It’s about the consciousness within us.

The truth that we can sense is real.

I have no need to tell you what I believe today, because what I know you know already.

I just surrender in what is instinctive to a newborn child instead of letting the mind, thoughts or feelings – influenced by too many sources throughout our lifetime to take control.

Wars raised in the name of religion.

People killed for reasons of illogicality.

Arguments over things which can never be appeased.


Because our personal egos are tied up in it.

We aren’t able to let go.

To become still.

And discover the One truth all of us know is the truth since the beginning.

We choose to separate, because our egos were built upon an illusion we choose to hold dearly to for our own personal benefit on earth.

Why then, is a name like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad important?

Why is one human better than another?

Don’t we all turn back into that same source, that consciousness, nothingness, spaciousness, once our last breath is relieved from our body?

For once, let your mind be still as a peaceful lake.

Be present.

Let go of the past, let go of the future.

In this moment, what is true?

#18 The Dreams In Which I’m Dying Are The Best I’ve Ever Had

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“American Idol” finalist 2009 Adam Lambert’s voice is amazing. When he sang “Mad World” though, was when he really shook the audience – hey, he got a standing ovation from Simon Cowell for it. Despite the nature of this blog, I thought it’d be great to share it here with you:

Of course, I thought the lyrics of this song actually meant something in the same theme of what we’ve been talking about.

Why, we do live in a Mad World.

#17 More On The Holographic Universe

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These guys have a point:

#16 Holographic Universe – It’s All Illusion

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Needs no explanation. Watch it. Because you may just turn out to be more like, as Socrates in “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” described, “A humorous fool, instead of a serious jackass.”

Part One:

Part Two:

Speaking about which, if you want to know the most interesting audiobook I’ve ever listened to (as of today) about how to live a conscious life, this is it.

Dan Millman’s “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.”

The book basically describes a conscious way to live life through a story of a young gymnast. One day, he went jogging late at night and passed by a petrol kiosk to get some drinks. There was a peculiar 50 yr-old-looking mechanic (Socrates) working at the place. After some small philosophical talk, the young man jogged away from him – but as he looked back (within few short seconds), the old man was already standing on the roof of the petrol kiosk admiring the sky, a feat seemingly impossible.

He had strange ‘abilities’, so it seems. And he was about to reveal some secrets of life to the young gymnast which will change his life forever. The journey then began.

If you have $11 bucks and think it can be used to entertain yourself & learn some very valuable lessons of life, buy this book in your local bookstore or through Amazon. I certainly recommend it. Thank you for reading.

#15 What Could Be Added to Ken Wilber’s Work

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“That which is not present in deep dreamless sleep is not real,” said Sri Ramana Maharshi.

He also mentioned:

“The world is illusory;
Brahman alone is real;
Brahman is the world.”

(I’ve learned them from Ken Wilber’s incredible book, “The Essential.”)

So tell me, what is Brahman?


Quoted from Wikipedia (source of many truthful knowledge can be found here):

Brahman is the Absolute Reality or universal substrate (not to be confused with the Creator god Brahm?.) It is said to be eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and ultimately indescribable in human language. The sage-seers of the Upanishads had fully realized Brahman as the reality behind their own being and of everything else in this universe. They were thus Brahmins in the true sense of the word. These rishis described Brahman as infinite Being, infinite Consciousness, and infinite Bliss (saccidananda). Brahman is regarded as the source and essence of the material universe. The Rig Veda says that by the desire of the Supreme Being (RV 10.129.4), the initial manifestation of the material universe came into being from Hiranyagarbha (literally “golden womb”), out of which all worlds, organisms and divine beings (devas) arise:

“Great indeed are the devas who have sprung out of Brahman.” — Atharva Veda

Para Brahman corresponds to the concept of Godhead and Saguna Brahman to God as the Primordial Being.[2]

It is said that Brahman cannot be known by material means, that we cannot be made conscious of it, because Brahman is our very consciousness. Brahman is also not restricted to the usual dimensional perspectives of being, and thus enlightenment, moksha, yoga, samadhi, nirvana, etc. do not merely mean to know Brahman, but to realise one’s “brahman-hood”, to actually realise that one is and always was Brahman. Indeed, closely related to the Self concept of Brahman is the idea that it is synonymous with jiva-atma, or individual souls, our atman (or soul) being readily identifiable with the greater soul (paramatma) of Brahman.

Generally, Vedanta rejects the notion of an evolving Brahman since Brahman contains within it the potentiality and archetypes behind all possible manifest phenomenal forms. The Vedas, though they are in some respects historically conditioned are considered by Hindus to convey a knowledge[3] eternal, timeless and always contemporaneous with Brahman. This knowledge is considered to have been handed down by realised yogins to students many generations before the vedas were committed to writing. Written texts of the Vedas are a relatively recent phenomenon.

Connected with the ritual of pre-Vedantic Hinduism, Brahman signified the power to grow, the expansive and self-altering process of ritual and sacrifice, often visually realized in the sputtering of flames as they received the all important ghee (clarified butter) and rose in concert with the mantras of the Vedas. The term Brahmin in the Vedic period actually meant one who has realized Brahman. However, later on Brahmin came to be identified with the highest of the four castes, the Brahmins, who by virtue of their purity and priesthood held themselves as proprietors of rituals, though mostly without actual realization of Brahman, and void of Vedantic knowledge.

Among Hindu sects, Advaita Vedanta is the first instance of monism in organized religion and Hinduism is the only religion with this concept. To call this concept ‘God’ could be imprecise. The closest interpretation of the term can be found in the Taittariya Upanishad (II.1) where Brahman is described as satyam jnanam anantam brahman (“Brahman is of the nature of truth, knowledge and infinity”). Thus, Brahman is the origin and end of all things, material or otherwise. Brahman is the root source and Divine Ground of everything that exists, and is the only thing that exists according to Shankara. It is defined as unknowable and Satchitananda (“Truth-Consciousness-Bliss”). Since it is eternal and infinite, it comprises the only truth. The goal of Vedanta is to realize that the soul (Atman) is actually nothing but Brahman. The Hindu pantheon of gods is said, in the Vedas and Upanishads, to be only higher manifestations of Brahman. For this reason, “ekam sat” (“Truth is one”), and all is Brahman. This explains the Hindu view that “All paths lead to the one Truth, though many sages [and religions] call upon it by different names.”


I want to state something however.

Even though Ken Wilber’s books hold some very deep insights towards how we can further recognize our awareness, conciousness or Self – many of his teachings are concepts.

As I will repeat many times, you are neither your thoughts, body, feelings, nor concepts.

But I thought he’s not to be blamed, because Ken learned from many, many spiritual mystics or monks.

And most of us didn’t follow the way of these groups of people because we naturally understand that we’re still humans.

Just not completely.

That’s why Arjuna Ardagh’s introduction to “The Translucent Being” (someone who’s not totally opaque or transparent for light to go through) made absolute sense to me on the subject of awakening.

We’re not here to be totally separated from the world, or human life on earth, that’s for sure.

But of course, we’re not here to be controlled by our minds, feelings, bodies or concepts either.

There’s a balance between both where we can reside.

When something is true, it comes from our “Knowing.” We wouldn’t require arduous explanations on the subject, because then it’s a result of thought-twisting from the human mind. In Ken Wilber’s books, I have come to meet with a lot of difficulties on comprehending his teachings about holos, correlations of structures, contemplating the great chain, etc. and so I look at most of them with an eye closed.

What’s innate to you will be effortless to your being’s accepting.

Ken learned that humans don’t have free will or destiny.

If your brain works, you may smile at this.

Serendipity, manifestations, happiness, sadness, anger, joy, rich, poor, Mercedez, Honda, Big Mac, apple pie, likes, dislikes, Michaelangelo, Einstein, passion, talent, earth, solar system, air, lungs, marriage, divorce, Obama, McCain, win, lose, Wolverine, Star Trek, men, women – need I say more?

Everything happens out of our free will or the trusting of our “knowing.”

If anything, we have Everything.

The difference is, have you surrendered enough to your consciousness to truly know what your purpose is?

Have you had the chance to listen to what the “angel within the darkness” has to tell you?

Do you know the true path to happiness, peace and exhilaration on earth?

#14 Why Are We Here?

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My dear reader,

I think I’ve finally discovered it.

Why we’re here on earth.

I was reading Dr. Masaru Emoto – the author of International bestselling book “The Hidden Messages in Water”‘s other book “The Shape of Love” when I stumbled upon it.

On page 87.

The message instantly drawn my eye, consciousness, everything.

It’s as close to truth as I can feel it to be.

“We’re here to transform the wild earth into a friendly, peaceful and plentiful planet.”

I bought this book yesterday, and was amazed at the depths of occasional truths Dr. Masaru had revealed in it which has come from the research on water.


How long and how much have we dismissed its existence, presence and power?

Humans are formed of over 70% of water after all.

We die when the water in us gets below 50% of our human body.

We shrink at old age just so we could live longer with the capacity of water left in us.

And through the deciphering of the messages in water (how it forms different shapes of frozen water crystals when placed before emotional words or sounds), Dr. Masaru Emoto had convinced me of his researches.

They are real, they are true, they are done.

Truth is undeniable, you cannot run away from it.

So why not embrace it?

Life is more than what we’ve been taught it is.

There’s a message greater within it if we would only pay attention to it.

Why are we here?

We know our personal self-agendas will all only go in vain when we let out our last breath.

Yet we still persist in the way of living that kills us, and which kills everything with life on earth each day.

Causing the world to slowly crumble with our existence with each passing second.

If we continue in the same way, there’d bound to be a destruction that will happen whether through ourselves or from the Universe (Mayans’ prediction of 2012?).

All the discoveries and researches in the history of mankind are proving something to us. An ultimate reality beyond all we’ve been taught or that we’ve learned. All you have to do is open your eyes, do some research yourself and see what has been discovered and ignored by the rest of the world – only because we’re so drowned in our own personal agendas.

If we could work together out of consciousness, we could create Utopia.

But until then, we’re heading in the face of destruction.

Preach this message, my dear friend.

We’re here together on earth for a purpose.

To fulfill what our consciousness is telling us.

#13 UC Berkeley – David Lynch: “Consciousness, Creativity, And Brain.”

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I’ll let the Award-winning film director David Lynch tell you more about Consciousness.

He spoke about things every spiritually awakened person will nod their heads to.

Watch it.

*To get straight away to the content, go to 7.12 in the video.

#12 What’s The Ruckus About Truth All About?

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Because in the end... it trumps all our desires.

Because in the end... it trumps all our desires.

#11 The Way Of The Spiritually Awakened

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There’s a way of living unknown to most men.

People who live this way gained the most peace, because there is no need to lie.

When there is no need to lie, you live life based on the truth.

And because you live life based on the truth, you could live life as who you really are.

If you can live life as who you are to the fullest – how would you feel?




Genuinely happy?


Would you want to discover this way of living?

Read on:

It’s based on complete, absolute INNOCENCE.

How do I define that?

Let me paint you a scene:

When most people are asked with the question, “What is the time now?” – the first thing they usually do is try to refer back to their memory before even taking a look at their watch.

They think: “Um… it’s almost half an hour since 5pm when I looked at the time just now, yeah that’s what it is.”

And so they say, “Around 5.30pm”

But usually after they do that, their heart feels a little unsettled somehow.

Yes, the job’s done – but something still doesn’t feel satisfied enough.

And the reason is because that’s not the absolute truthful way of answering the question.

Want to know how the conscious ones would reply?

Here –

“What’s the time now?”

*Looks at his or her watch. Be totally present. Observe.”

Watch points at a little past 5.37pm.

“It’s a little past 5.37pm.”

There’s no interference of thought, no preferences, no dependancy on anything.

Only an honest answer based on a present observance with absolute innocence.

In these moments of absolute innocence, guess what you would discover?

Right – if you’re still in within, you’ll catch a glimpse of who you really are once again.

The observer behind your seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting.

Behind your thoughts.

Within your body.

Without your body.

Who you really are.

#10 What Happened To Him?

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Hey there.

If you wondered why I haven’t been posting in the past few days, here’s why:

Countless of events happened in my life.

Through the course of six days, I have:

1.) Had my best vacation ever with my colleagues to the north of where I live

2.) Sharpened up the skills I need for my profession significantly

3.) Got myself fired

Actually the third one happened today.

I’ve worked hard, tried hard to give my best in work – but apparently, I still need to work even harder to improve myself at the craft.

So many things have happened in the past three months.

It’s like my life have totally changed.

From a narrow-viewed selfish bastard who struggles to live life, I’ve allowed myself to turn into a relaxed person who finally has a life.

And because of what?

I’d dedicate most of the credits to my “spiritual awakening.”

Seriously, if you’re reading this and you don’t know what spiritual awakening is – there’s a much greater level of happiness out there which you’ve never experienced.

The kind of happiness which money can’t buy.

Where you could experience a kind of satisfaction that is truly in line with your purpose.

And what is your purpose anyway?

If you’d quiet yourself down and listen, you’d probably get it.

The angel of the dark will hint it at you.

When you’re completely still.

So now how do I summarize my life with all these stuffs happening?

You’ll understand why I’ve answered:

“It just is.”

Update, 1st May, 2009:

I found out why I lost my job.

It was because after losing it, I had one whole month of being alone and going deeper into myself.

Without it, I doubt I would even stop and realize what I’ve been doing.

Everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes destiny is pounding on our doors and we’re not listening, or our time hasn’t come.

But whatever reason it is, know that you are in good hands.

Let go, Let God.

You will be happy.

That, I can assure you.