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#11 The Way Of The Spiritually Awakened

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There’s a way of living unknown to most men.

People who live this way gained the most peace, because there is no need to lie.

When there is no need to lie, you live life based on the truth.

And because you live life based on the truth, you could live life as who you really are.

If you can live life as who you are to the fullest – how would you feel?




Genuinely happy?


Would you want to discover this way of living?

Read on:

It’s based on complete, absolute INNOCENCE.

How do I define that?

Let me paint you a scene:

When most people are asked with the question, “What is the time now?” – the first thing they usually do is try to refer back to their memory before even taking a look at their watch.

They think: “Um… it’s almost half an hour since 5pm when I looked at the time just now, yeah that’s what it is.”

And so they say, “Around 5.30pm”

But usually after they do that, their heart feels a little unsettled somehow.

Yes, the job’s done – but something still doesn’t feel satisfied enough.

And the reason is because that’s not the absolute truthful way of answering the question.

Want to know how the conscious ones would reply?

Here –

“What’s the time now?”

*Looks at his or her watch. Be totally present. Observe.”

Watch points at a little past 5.37pm.

“It’s a little past 5.37pm.”

There’s no interference of thought, no preferences, no dependancy on anything.

Only an honest answer based on a present observance with absolute innocence.

In these moments of absolute innocence, guess what you would discover?

Right – if you’re still in within, you’ll catch a glimpse of who you really are once again.

The observer behind your seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting.

Behind your thoughts.

Within your body.

Without your body.

Who you really are.

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