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#20 The Second Wave Of Humanity

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If only it was possible.

What am I talking about?

People, accepting each other without judgments.

In the world, we have people from all walks of life leading different existences.

We have been brought up differently, in different ways, in different cultures, languages, traditions.

So it makes sense to think we’re different as a result.

The good thing is we have also come to those times when people are finally starting to realize the myriads of things they’ve been doing which are just plain illogical, destructive or useless in nature.

In colleges, most students who’re not studying for a skilled profession (e.g. engineers, scientists or doctors) are beginning to realize the wastefulness of their education.

They realize they’re studying not because the knowledge is valuable anymore – but because it’s how things usually go now with everyone.

It is the same with how we treat others.

Why are we prejudiced against certain groups of people?

Because these certain groups of people have been unconsciously following a way of life they were ‘programmed’ to think is normal but which is unfavorable to you.

And why are they following that way of life?

Because they think that’s actually what LIFE is.

That that’s REALITY, not knowing that the reality they’re living in is just a restrictive illusion seen through the pair of ‘glasses’ unconsciously put on them by others, society, teachers, parents, friends and so on a long, long time ago – separating them from the bigger picture of truth that is always out there.

Naturally, they continue the cycle of the illusion because they think that their thoughts are actually true.

What about the others who hold a prejudice against them? Well since they carry this same belief, the never-ending cycle of separation continues as well.

How can we like people who don’t like us anyway?

By trying?

No one’s willing to try, why would anyone?

My way of living is right after all. My principles are the best. My rules are correct. My beliefs are absolute. Everyone just comes from my my my my my.

And so in the midst of no one willing to accept anyone first, we continue to live our own illusions of doom.

We continue not accepting each other, not willing to lower our egos, not willing to come together.

Coursing life through the delusional glasses we put on, not knowing that the end of this path only close with mere dust.


Why choose to destroy when you could make things better?

Why let the mind control you when you can control it?

Why allow the ego to rule you when you can just let it go and actually allow yourself to enjoy the REAL life which is far greater, more colorful and more exhilarating than the one you’re deluded into since you were born?

‘Cause the secret of ultimate happiness lies in there!

I welcome you to envision this with me:

It’s humanity, however long it is from now.

Because of your contribution, the world looks so much better.

Peaceful, lighthearted, satisfying.

Since everyone accepts each other, there’s no feeling of distrust.

With that out of the way, we know that our lives would not be harmed.

We know that by innocently accepting each other, we could accomplish so much more together!

By now, the gap between the rich and the poor has been dissolved.

How did that happen?

Because without an external threat from mankind and the freed ego, the rich doesn’t have to live rich anymore.

And since we start accepting people who does even the dirtiest jobs like the people who clean the sewers, pick up trash or flower the greens and plants – the perception of value over those jobs rises.

Without the ego, following our consciousness, we could come out of a willingness to SERVE.

Each person, no matter what his or her occupation is gets very equal pay, and the key stops being whether someone is shrewd enough to beat another at the game of life – but about whether one could serve satisfactorily while he or she is still alive.

Since there are no real benefits in getting your way up the hierarchy of status, power or money, people are able to function from their core desires to do good and contribute.

Crime rates lower by themselves. The masses and masses of destruction stop naturally. People want to come together.

And how does this begin again?

All by realizing that you’re not your mind, thoughts, body or feelings.

Not what you’ve learned, what you’ve been taught, or how you’ve been raised but…

Just by taking the first step of being still, taking a breath in and realizing who-you-really-are.

I’m referring to that Consciousness who observes your life, the real you behind your thoughts, feelings, body, concepts.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll realize the other person is not so different from you after all.

In fact, you may even realize how connected you actually are to each other as you continue threading up this path.

The illusions of life will seem to discolor itself, it’ll become more and more tasteless, and soon you’ll ask why you’ve even been living it in the first place.

Why haven’t you come from a sense of Love, Loving, Kindness, Compassion, Peace straight away – but followed what seems to be an illogical way of self-lie and suffering for no apparent reason worthy of appreciation…

When there’s a life where every minute, every second, every moment is worthy of celebration.

Where you could enjoy a world full of really vivid colors, of happiness, of worthy satisfaction all the time.

Where there is trust, peace and connection between all of us.

Realizing that we don’t ever need to dwell in the past or future, because the present moment is all we need.

Because there isn’t a better moment, than Now.

It is happening, this second wave of humanity.

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