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#22 Poetry On Us

Posted: May 29th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Life | 8 Comments »

Lonely within my room, I hear the sound.

It was the sound of consciousness’ pound.

Opening the door, I see a bright hope.

As if I finally realized, I don’t have to go down this slope.

It dawned on me, we’re not living the truth.

We’re seeing the world from below, instead from high atop the roof.

Shallow, shady, suffering, we go nowhere.

But times have changed, you’re finally free to thread somewhere.

World, world, why did you turn out this way?

Is it because you’ve fallen into the human mind’s sway?

Funny thing is, we own the mind.

Why did we delude ourselves within its manipulation, as if it’s fine?

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8 Comments on “#22 Poetry On Us”

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  4. 4 said at 9:12 am on April 29th, 2016:

    Well perhaps TLC can give him a reality show to help him feed his kids. Why not? They've given the Gosselins a hefty 75,000 per episode, this guy could certainly use it.

  5. 5 said at 4:31 pm on May 31st, 2016:

    – The Patent Office or the DIPP is not revamping the patent office or introducing FCS. I'm pointing it out specifically so that they atleast make an effort to introduce it. Which part of this post led you to believe that they are on the verge on introducing any reforms in the patent office? Prashant

  6. 6 auto insurance said at 6:56 am on June 6th, 2016:

    Obama's ideas are as socialist as they come. The government could lower our insanely high taxes to help people afford healthcare rather than nationalizing the entire system and ruining it. By the way Mr. Charger, this IS the greatest nation in the world.

  7. 7 said at 1:59 am on July 6th, 2016:

    Actually, given the state of communications in the 21st Century, it really doesn’t matter where Christie or Obama are, as long as there’s a network connection available. Additionally, neither does any of the heavy lifting, that’s done by the “troops” on the ground, and their line managers. This is much ado about nothing.P.S. It would have been difficult to “immediately return,” given the status of the area’s airports – CLOSED.

  8. 8 said at 10:45 pm on July 20th, 2016:

    Zachwycona jestem tymi orzechami, a przez tę foremkę to pewnie spać nie będę mogła, tak mi się marzy. W wielu starych przepisach na nalewki występuje ten magiczny migdał, może Mikołaj spojrzy dobrym okiem :) Pozdrawiam

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