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#21 Unreasonable Happiness

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Today, I want to update the three rules I’ve learned from life about how to experience constant unreasonable happiness:

1.) Live your life based on Truth. Where to start? Remember one word: Honesty.

2.) Discover who you really are outside of your thoughts, feelings, body or concepts – to free the ego, be in the present moment, and live the most unfeigned expressions of who you actually are.

3.) No matter how illusional this world may be to you, accept the fact that it’s real – everything is real. The road, the greens on the sides of it, that billboard, what it’s made of, the sounds you’re listening, all the things around you. But also accept the fact that it may just be an illusion of the mind.

The key is to not identify your complete sense of self to your mind. And to not disassociate your complete sense of self with human life. To know that ultimately, we’re not our minds and yet we live in this world together.

As you thread further up this road, you’ll also naturally come upon a consensus of why the realization of your consciousness is important.

In the end, it’s about being aware of that wholeness. Being aware of the separation caused by our selfish delusional minds. Being aware that we’re actually connected to each other, as One.

The rest is just, live.

Always in the now.

Knowing that happiness doesn’t come from the outside but from the inside.

No matter what feelings arise in your body, experience them to the fullest.

Realize all physical contractions within your body no matter how small they are.

Then relax all of them and let them all go.

Move through the world this way, trusting your heart and instincts.

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