All writings herein serve to open up the world towards knowledge that matters, to piece together the greatest philosophies of living, and to expound ways towards
the path of freedom, happiness & choice.

#31 Let Some Of The Tension Out Of Your Shoulders

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It may just open your eyes to what you have been seeking.

#30 Loneliness – Kindness

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I saw this quote on a piece of manga and thought of sharing it with you:

It's when people realize how lonely they are on their own... that they start to become kind.

It's when people realize how lonely they are on their own... that they start to become kind.

In the end, it’s true isn’t it?

We don’t realize what we really have until we’ve lost them too.

And that is why…

Remember to show appreciation, gratitude and love for everything that you have in this present moment Now.

Because if you want happiness, this is the easiest way to start.

#29 Change the World

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I’m talking about the world, in or outside of earth, the Universe, forever.

What’s the aim?


As of today, I have a huge goal.

A goal that encompasses our lifetime.

I may not contribute as much as a tiny blip of ‘spark’ towards this change, but I’m going to put in that effort anyway.

One day, we are going to die.

Although we may boast about having a life worth living, that we are happy while we’re alive, to know that we have lived life to the fullest while we are on earth – in the end, this will all be for nothing… if we’re doing it for ourselves.

And, who are we anyway?

Humans. Within this immensely, immensely huge Universe, we are but invisible little things in the Solar system, within the Milky Way. Not to mention that when you’re finally conscious, you’d realize that physical reality is just a little costume you wear on earth. This existence you’re living now, it’s just temporary. But your true nature? It emcompasses physical reality.

As such, I’m setting for myself a vision. A vision which you can join me in. And what is it?

To change the world, forever.

I don’t care how long it takes.

What matters is that this will lead every conscious being to the point of wellbeing.

A vision that lasts forever.

That decades, centuries or millenniums from now, all beings who can influence the Universe will finally realize their consciousness within.

To work towards a realm that prospers, expands, is filled with aliveness, is lived with the understandanding of the present moment, is happy, detached from traps of ego, is conscious of the well-being that can be created whether on earth, outside this planet, stretched towards the infinite spaces that exists.

I have more details in my mind, but I’m not going to describe them all here. Too much details.

But what I want to say would be: No matter who you are, what you are, you would be looking to enrich dead places with liveliness, to see each other for what we really are, and to live in a way that would ultimately be expansive, meaningful, satisfactory.

Dead planets would be filled with life.

Empty grounds, with greens.

Unlivable environments, breathed in with possibilities.

And all for greater wellbeing.

In that moment, the fragile structures of sidetracked corporations, governments, organizations, groups or minds would fall. Because people would begin to realize the idiocy within the contexts they’re living from. We’ll be able to see through the plays of ego, its harmfulness, its emptiness.

Being a part of this change, we expand beyond our narrow perceptions & limitations.

We grow, we live, we experience life – with a purpose of wellbeing that we are ready to sweat for with passion.

Out of the dark hole.

Into light.

To see things as they are.

Not what we perceive them to be.

To be in touch with truth.

And accomplish tasks we’d sacrifice our personal lives for.

It looks impossible now. But I assure you. With decades, centuries or milleniums, we’ll be there.

Want to get involved? Easy.

All it takes is just an acceptance of this vision if you think it sounds good.

Just an acceptance.

And everything will move itself from there.

Thanks for reading.

#28 I Finally Discovered What Our True Purpose Is

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I’m excited.

I’ve waited very long to discover what a human’s purpose is.

You see, in post #23 I mentioned about it in the end.

“God, at least let me know what I’m supposed to do, in the Now.”

That’s got to be one of the funniest thing to say.

You know why?

Read this, and read this closely because:

“Our purpose, your purpose, has always been…
To be fully, in the Now.”

You could talk about destiny all day.

But nothing would change according to what you want.

If you want to discover what your destiny is, just do this.

It’s your ultimate purpose –

To be fully in the Now.

If you do this, practice this, you’d realize suddenly that your life is filled with Satori.

What is Satori?

The moment, actually moment is an illusion – because everything only happens in the Now – but I’ll describe it as this:

“It’s the moment where everything glimmers.”

Suddenly your view brightens. Things liven up. Your actions actually count.

Your life is suddenly experienced to the fullest, and will satisfy you, no matter how bad it becomes.

Your heart hurts? You stay in the Now and experience that heartbreak to the fullest. Because it’s your purpose to do that Now.

Good or bad, you do the same thing.

To experience the Now to the fullest, that’s it.

To be fully bored when you’re bored.

To be fully walking when you’re walking.

To be fully talking when you’re talking.

There’s no time.


This realization is credited to Eckhart Tolle.

Thank you for reading.

#27 What Do You Meditate About?

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I was recently thinking – “What’s the real purpose of meditating really?”

We know it’s a form of sitting.

But what are we supposed to do while we’re sitting?

So I went out to look for the answer.

And stumbled upon this video:

After watching it, you can read the rest of this post below.

You see on Maharishi’s answer in this video, he said: “Mind is the experiencer, and the thought is the object of experience.”

When I first heard that, I got a little confused.

So does he imply that your consciousness is the mind?

Eventually, I realized that there’s a better way to understand this.

If the mind is the experiencer, consciousness is actually the observer above the experiencer.

In other words, the mind may just be the ego or illusion which your consciousness observes.

If you get confused by his retort, I hope this helps.

#26 A Silent Mind

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“Mind is never peaceful.

No mind is peace.

Mind itself can never be peaceful, silent.

The very nature of the mind is to be tense, to be in confusion.

Mind can never be clear.

It can not have clarity because mind is – by nature – confusion, cloudiness.

Clarity is possible without mind.
Peace is possible without mind.
Silence is possible without mind.

So never try to attain a silent mind.” – Baghawan

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”
– Albert Einstein

#25 Bruce Lee’s Words Of Wisdom And Philosophy

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I’ve learned something from these videos about Bruce Lee, and thought of sharing them with you.

Strange as it can be, I thought his words carried a lot of consciousness. He was thinking on a level much higher than most people could ever do back in his times. Was he enlightened?

Perhaps. But why not hear and watch what he says and decide on the answer yourself? I believe it will be worth your time – Enjoy.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

#24 Short Post On Happiness

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Instead of asking, “Am I happy?”

Always replace it with, “How can I be happier?”

The reason is simple:

Am I Happy leads nowhere. It’s a yes or no question. Like what people talk about when they mention enlightenment – as if indicating that we could reach a point where our sorrows and sufferings will finally come to an end and we could stay happy for the rest of our lives. No good. Life doesn’t work this way.

How Can I Be Happier, on the other hand, carries an important word “Happier.”

If you can be happier now than you were 5 years ago, if you can be happier 5 years from now than the present moment, then you would’ve accomplished what you were after.

Of course, I am not hinting that there’s always something to pursue.

I am not hinting that there’s nothing to pursue either.

This ultimate currency called Happiness needs more than words to understand.

It requires some inner-reflection.

Now, are you happier than you were just a minute ago?

Hm… maybe you actually have a choice?

#23 I don’t know what to write

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Inspiration didn’t come.

I hoped I’d learn something valuable, and to be able to deliver them to you, but I could write about nothing in the past week.

You think I’m enlightened, I’m not.

More than anything, I’m confused.

Here I am teaching you about consciousness, awakening and happiness – but in actual life, I realized pain is everywhere surrounding me. The only difference is while others would struggle through it, I’m just taking them in as is. Big difference? Nope. Happier? Certainly.

I just couldn’t understand how this world works.

And it doesn’t seem to hint an answer at how we could truly live in happiness.

What I’ve wrote about is as close to the answer as most humans are possibly able to realize.

So to further open another door to the answer seems really difficult at this stage for me.

My spiritual teacher Arjuna Ardagh and many others like Ram Dass, Adyashanti etc. are talking about a shift in the consciousness of mankind. They talked about how most people are awakening to this sense of consciousness, to know that humans aren’t supposed to live in the jail of our delusions anymore. But everyday everywhere I go, I sense no difference…

Are humans really awakening? No, allow me to correct my question. Is awakening really needed for the whole world?

Although things are going pretty smoothly for me, these questions kill my brains every single day.

Waking up – trying to release and accept things as is, I still couldn’t help but feel a sense of tremendous frustration for having to blend myself into the ‘hallucination of life.’

But I can’t do anything about it! Because I don’t know if I’m right. I don’t know if others are right either.

The only thing I know is I don’t know and reality isn’t giving us a clue clear enough to know which is the path we should thread on.


What are we supposed to do, the great One?

Why do you help us awaken, but leave us with no clue about the role we should implement?

If so, why would you keep sufferings in the way of our lives – what are you trying to convey?

Living in the now is great, but let us know what we should do in the now at least.

That’s all I would ask to know.