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#24 Short Post On Happiness

Posted: June 12th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Life | 1 Comment »

Instead of asking, “Am I happy?”

Always replace it with, “How can I be happier?”

The reason is simple:

Am I Happy leads nowhere. It’s a yes or no question. Like what people talk about when they mention enlightenment – as if indicating that we could reach a point where our sorrows and sufferings will finally come to an end and we could stay happy for the rest of our lives. No good. Life doesn’t work this way.

How Can I Be Happier, on the other hand, carries an important word “Happier.”

If you can be happier now than you were 5 years ago, if you can be happier 5 years from now than the present moment, then you would’ve accomplished what you were after.

Of course, I am not hinting that there’s always something to pursue.

I am not hinting that there’s nothing to pursue either.

This ultimate currency called Happiness needs more than words to understand.

It requires some inner-reflection.

Now, are you happier than you were just a minute ago?

Hm… maybe you actually have a choice?

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One Comment on “#24 Short Post On Happiness”

  1. 1 olav said at 2:42 am on June 13th, 2009:

    Happier….the -ier implies comparison. Comparison makes unequal; sometimes you are on the good side of the comparison, other times you are on the bad side of the comparison. Simply enjoy the quality of happy. If you are unhappy: simple enjoy the quality of unhappy. Don’t compare….live. IF you really live, you will never ask about happiness.

    Reply from Him:
    I get what you mean Olav. Sometimes though, reality’s so hard on you, it could pull you back down. Perhaps even push you to frustration. In those moments, however much you learn about spirituality – all of them are likened to nothing. It’s in those moments that you realize that you can’t control life. And if you can’t do anything about it, what matters is really that you choose to live happier.

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