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#27 What Do You Meditate About?

Posted: June 19th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Life | No Comments »

I was recently thinking – “What’s the real purpose of meditating really?”

We know it’s a form of sitting.

But what are we supposed to do while we’re sitting?

So I went out to look for the answer.

And stumbled upon this video:

After watching it, you can read the rest of this post below.

You see on Maharishi’s answer in this video, he said: “Mind is the experiencer, and the thought is the object of experience.”

When I first heard that, I got a little confused.

So does he imply that your consciousness is the mind?

Eventually, I realized that there’s a better way to understand this.

If the mind is the experiencer, consciousness is actually the observer above the experiencer.

In other words, the mind may just be the ego or illusion which your consciousness observes.

If you get confused by his retort, I hope this helps.

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