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#32 You Have Control

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I haven’t been writing much lately. Why, you ask? Well, I’m trying to figure out how to really live life.

Previously, I talked about our main purpose right? At this point, you might probably ask, “Well, then haven’t you talked about how to really live life already?” You live life by following your purpose, and I’ve already filtered what our ultimate conscious purpose is down to the words, “Be fully in the Now.”

So what’s the deal? What’s the problem? Why am I talking about how to really live life, again?

To tell you the truth, it’s because I’m unsatisfied. I should be satisfied with whatever’s going on, but this practice of being fully in the Now itself somehow still doesn’t seem to solve what I look forward to in a happy life. My life still isn’t how I hope it would be, I still feel there’s something missing, and I was supposed to figure out what it is and debunk it so that we could all live happier.

So I followed it, and here I am.

In the end, I couldn’t figure the problem out.

You know why? Because life itself is the problem. We have been born into a world where what we desire most usually doesn’t manifest.

But that’s not the end of everything.

I mean, consider life itself being the external.

The conscious you being the internal, what you can directly express.

So guess what? No matter how bad things on the outside can be, no matter how uncontrollable things are, you just have to realize this: There’s one part of you which you can control no matter how time changes.

You can control how you observe the world.

Whether you can manifest things through your observations or not that I don’t know. We’ll need more teachings from spiritual masters and book authors, I think – or we don’t (Life itself is your greatest teacher, the only downside is you don’t know when and how it’s gonna teach you your lessons). But I hope somehow that we’ll soon stumble on the great truth of how one can live life happy, satisfied and fulfilled forever.

Maybe we’ll discover it together as we thread down this path?

Till the next post.

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