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#36 Awakened People

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I don’t know how karma works. I don’t know what is planned for us. I don’t know how God wants our lives to conclude.

But I do know something lately:

There’s a small population of people out there who’ve been born into the world, their lives meant to be awakened.

This group of people may not mix in well with society. They see through too many things clearly, and may find a major part of the human construct lesser in value. What they appreciate, are of truth & genuineness. Instead of being led astray by the mind, they are strongly guided by their hearts.

When the masses move on with the ‘real world,’ they move on inspired from within.

I looked through “Yahoo Answers” last week – something I rarely do. Then I stumbled on someone who answered questions with great wisdom. Somehow my heart willed to know him, so I sent him an email requesting an acquaintance.

Sure enough, we instantly connect with each other as our hearts intuitively resonated.

The only reason why I’m writing this blog post today, is to share with you one of the personal emails he sent me just few hours ago. I was hoping to know more about the wisdom his mind carries, so I asked him:

“If you allow me, can I ask why you’ve learned what you’ve learned?”

To me he’s like a sage, for his generosity & wisdom as shown in his answer is extraordinary.

Below is his reply, may you find it helpful:


The why is the operative word here.  ‘Brings to mind this thing by Shakespeare that goes, “[W]herefore art thou…?” which is to ask, Why are you? 
And this is an extremely profound inquiry to be posed, for as regards to life, there is just so much as to the why.  I rather doubt that I or anyone could cover this save for any medium short of several volumes of copy; and even that would fall short of important meaning.  And one has to suppose why there are written so many books on the mantic arts and sciences and the esoteric side of life.

I will start with this and say, bear with me as regards what follows.  I will commence in a very broad way, almost risking conveying in a rambling manner.  And second, what I say here assumes you bear a certain belief and do peer into life with, say, a removed perception.  And well, you do ask, after all, where does mine derive.  And this is somewhat difficult to digress upon, but one has to begin some where in some way.
And so it is this.  Some select souls are born to this plane slated to undergo certain rituals and rigors unlike those undergone among the masses, and these are a different cut of men and women — or simply, souls.  Theirs this time, however, is an updating to the eddies and trends of life as it is on earth presently.  The Heaveny Councils are always updating to keep abreast of life as incarnated souls here see and endure things.  And so we down here are always being watched and abided and adhered to and listened to.  We are not alone.  And so, there are souls of merit who are, say, assigned here, just as one would find in the armed forces in which a trooper is sent to some location and theater of operations.  And these are souls that have attained certain merit in the many lifetimes spent in the varied universes, heavens, and worlds already.  Now — today — is a time that requires of more souls of this selfsame merit arriving here than have served in past eons; for a whole, say, constellation of universes are rocking out of balance, not unlike that of a washing machine convulsing, shaking, and groaning, alerting that the machine load has become unbalanced, in which the light and sound signal switches on.  In this wise, a whole new set of divine protocol and edicts adjudged by Robes and Councils, whose determinations are now to be brought to bear in all the planes that take in duality, which takes in life that involves creation, sustenance, and destruction or reformation (a trinity of sorts, akin to the construct as conveyed in eastern religions). 
Now, this Force — which is none other than Spirit — if you will, accelerated greatly at the turn of the millenium.  Now, bear in mind, what I say here has little to do with this thing “New Age” or psychism and all this sort of thing, but the New Agers are open in that they feel something is amiss in this life and world today.  Theirs has heralded the Change that has surely commenced, certainly as seen and felt since the 1960’s. And so in that respect the New Agers ‘are’ on to something.  I will say this, the New Age phenomena carries forth from out of a lesser plane of life.  But what I am addressing or trying to address with you direct proceeds from planes and realms far exceeding and above the psychic planes — well above.
Many people amid their respective life paths have insights to what is being said here, certainly some will make reference with respect to their doctrines and scriptural foundations, such as found in the Bible and in other references of the major religions of the world.  Where spirituality (not religion) and natural science and the mantic sciences converge is from where I speak here: it is the gleaning and deriving and enacting certain unequivocating principles of life itself; it is the taking in what Love is itself but not love as the masses know it, which notions and understanding are adulterated with so much dross.
I will pause here to say that the philosopher, that is, the quintessential philosopher, tends to a dismissal of anything ado with notions about ‘upper and lower’, and who simply holds that all exists laterally, in which there exists minds with differing proclivities, yes, but yet there is no one who can be said is above or below another.  And there is a measure of truth in this, but their assertions, too, wholly miss the finer realities.  There are differences. 
Now, there lives certain souls who are selected out to, as I say, undergo certain experiences and who are brought into that realm of life for which they can not take for granted life any longer, certainly not as do orthodoxy and the mass social consciousness hold.  And again, theirs is to apply underlying Truths in ways that will resonate with our time without causing a tearing and ripping in the Fabric, or say, the Ethers.  And of these souls of merit, life comes hard, for they are flung into perceptions and experiences that often cannot be explained that can readily be brought into the compass of the human mind, for few are there otherwise who would understand these souls of merit, for which mass-minds would otherwise instead only mock, ridicule or even harm those who bear this, say, conference of light and power.  And so these are souls of merit who keep to the quietude of life, only to pop up here and there, masquerading as bearing the same assumptions that the next guy would bear.  Though little could be farther from the truth.  Often they do not and cannot work in traditional or orthodox settings, and so they are indeed souls who are signatured to walk a wholly different path from others — and they may bear wealth, but they may not. 
There is nothing about them that might be typecasted but theirs in fact reflects life as we know it.  What can be said is, they surely are not constrained to the littany of doctrine and practice as carried by those bearded easterner’s as we so often observe is abided in popular culture.  Why Westerners still demur to the whole routines put up by some bearded easterner is curious, as if only through an easterner’s sense and vernaculars are there any veracity to be found in regard to the God Worlds.  Point is, the easterner’s view is good, may be even apt for that respective part of the world, but scarcely is this the only!  
And so those souls of great merit do bear lives that express that they might better fit in and not “upset the apple cot,” inasmuch as this is tenable; this, so as to go unnoticed and not be thought anyone outside the norm.  In truth, the greater expressions today come by that of the Occidental man or woman, not the Easterner, because so much unrest has been brought by the habit of the Occidental mindset, thus are the remediations to be brought to bear by them.  That is, the Western mind has caused untold unrest, and like that of a nuclear radiation, these signatures of energy have breached the very Fabric of Existence here in the lower worlds and spread like a contagion that has now to be mitigated.  Each person, each thing, each collective of whatever you might conceive, has a signature of energies, which carries causations.  The Western Man, say, has caused dreadful misalignments that can only be corrected by Him; thus has much to sent to his attentions to correct.   
And so, these are souls of merit — whether easterner or westerner — who live on a very steep angle of existence, what one might call an angle of ascension.  Their rates of causation are very fast — very — what one might call is the karma of these individuals, yet that falls short of defining their, say, contracts, for these beings do not as such bear karma any longer as one would think as much as they are fending off outside events as they arise, just as a shield would deflect a bullet.  They have mastered the usual and have moved on to the greater works of life — though they are in no way exempt from undergoing circumstance any more than anyone on earth; for that event is not allowed so long as one lives in the physical universe.  Having problems and bearing glitches comes with the territory, else the universe would respond in kind to bring any spikes and troughs into alignment again.  Ours is a universe of antagonism.  No one bears or can bear anyone’s baggage but the person him- or herself.  Are there exceptions?  Yes… 
Now, these souls will have already burned off the karmas, or causations, as would the common man or woman bear.  In short, these are the avatars, the, say, masters, saviors, saints, sages, holy ones, and the great teachers.  Often they may be staged in a holding pattern, as it were, wherein they are not serving of some purpose or mission presently.  But, again, there lives more of them now on Earth than has ever before manifested here.  The Fabric of existence as it is on earth or as it once existed and once told of, is indeed verily returning to that in which there has arisen a very thin line between the seen and heard and unseen and unheard.  What once was a norm — this property that speaks to manifestations from Above — is slowly returning to that same again as part of the re-balancing that I speak to.
I will stop here to say that when you ask how did mine come about, I do have to filter what this is as it carries through me; this, on the one hand — and on the other hand, how this all carries with respect to the world at large and how the collective consciounsess processes its experiences, say, as we see in media, the internet, the guy on the streets, the Institutes and so on.  And so this would take in a genesis, an autobiographic turn, an anthology of events on my part.  That I cannot do without having some base of questions from you first to to work with; otherwise, what I could say would risk speaking in a condescending manner to you or worst, may simply waste your time.  And there is no economy in that…
I will leave off here for now. 


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2 Comments on “#36 Awakened People”

  1. 1 Una O'Reilly said at 10:43 pm on August 29th, 2010:

    My reaction is what an amazing answer to the question however although I am drawn to his response, I also find it difficult to understand

  2. 2 Him said at 12:00 am on August 30th, 2010:

    Hi Ms. Una,

    If anything, I would suggest that you simply take it as an entertaining read.

    Because at the end of the day, I’ve learned that who we really are is more than what concepts can be put into words.

    Anything that we identify ourselves firmly with is just an effort of the ego.

    Oh yeah, consider reading this blog:

    The author has done a really good job at teaching others more about who we really are and what is the ego.

    Hope this helps : )

    P.S. I have since published a lot more posts which cancels off the importance of what is revealed from earlier posts like this. Not cancel, I guess. They all work together, despite contradicting each other. It’s like how life is, many contradictions. Yet these contradictions fill each of the other parts that we have no answers or explanations for. They make life fuller.

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