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#38 Conversation with the Conscious ‘Sage’ – Continued

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Conversation with ‘sage’ continues, and he replied with a generous answer once again. Below is his expression, may you find it helpful. The bolded sentences are snippets from my e-mail, others his words:


You have great wisdom.

I guess we really don’t know where we’re heading, where we’re meant to be headed, and have to just stay in the presence of this boredom.

I should say here, as to my having wisdom, well, from my experience the next man or woman is nothing to sneeze at either.  You have as gladly the selfsame wisdom and light and all these things, else you could not at first have been capable of detecting it in someone else.

There is alot I can say about this thing boredom. Boredom is easy to occur, actually.  Those of high merit do not typically find themselves in this state, for so busy are they if not carrying out some task of sorts, then they are busy about the high ideals.  There are some techniques that you can use for this, and which should be tactics peculiar to you if you simply get stuck and feel you can’t get out of somewhat track of boredom.

Let’s take me, for example.  I am a walker, a born walker, which is a rudimentary fitting to me because I am innately a venturer, an explorer.  I yet have a pool of monetary resources to play out my native matrix and design.  I am working on many things, however.  These things come by trial and error, which doing I might add is exactly how God made the worlds — by trial and error, then resting and re-starting…

and so, I, too, manifest certain ideals and incarnate them through improvised means.  Say I have a place at which I wish to arrive: rather than ride or drive or sulk that I do not have the means to otherwise get there, I set to and do all manner of preparations to undertake the objective: walking evidences at once.  When you walk, certain forces are brought to bear, various things are witnessed while on the march; meanwhile, certain, say, switches of energies begin flipping off or on (I may go into what these energies are later).  Meanwhile, all manner of people are you coming across while walking, and the circumstances and events you behold are subject to awaken you in a Waking Dream.  And here is where the Heavenly Host begins to speak in its Golden Tongue Wisdom: some curious sets of circumstances begin to dovetail in very mysterious ways, which, if you are open to these, you can begin to read their meanings.  This is why is said that “God works in mysterious ways.”

Say for example you are walking along some promenade in the City, and you are chewing over some particular dilemma or just about anything, say, some problems that needs settling.  And just as you turn a corner, up above you sets a billboard with slogan or ad that curiously jives with exactitude the answer you are looking for.  If you are open to this, you realize that this is no folly or “coincidence,” but in fact is the case that you will have been set up to be right at that spot at that very time that you may see this and grasp the intent.  You all the while may have believed that your feeling to go somewhere prompted you to step outdoors and leave at the time you did, and that that was all about what you deteremined.  ‘But not quite.  We are so much an integral part of everything that nothing operates with our sole determinations alone.  We are all tuned and timed to  everything else.

So, actually, many do know where they are going in life.  Some are people set up for the mundane and are unknowing enough that they believe that life is no more than what it is as they have always known it to be.  And then there are those who seem to be wandering.  And these can be often the very kinds who have great problems trying to figure stuff out.  And maybe, just maybe they are a few of a kind again and apart, that has opened up and has more advanced things to learn, and so they are staged in a doldrum of some sort, wherein they can be aspired and made to learn questions that the usual person would not know to ask.  And this can be painful; can be that of a path of aloneness.

What one can say is this.  One primarily lives in ths world to master one’s lower nature and by that, to master oneself.  And this is a rough go indeed.  ‘Very rough.  The underlying unclarity to a lot of what we undergo is not solely due to anything we will have caused but in fact due to others’ follies and thereto not having confronted their lower natures, and thus have they rent holes and gaps in the Fabric of physical existence itself.  To wit: the current state of the world in so many respects.  And as regards your dilemmas presently, you are finding that you are working in a venue that has no soul…to use the vernacular appropriately here.

However, that reality notwithstanding, one’s mission is to go and find clever techniques to work with the weft and warp of these events, like a soldier pinned down under fire.  His mission is to survive and on having succeeded at many like harrowing situations, to prosper.  And the like of these are those who become the quick-thinking sergeants, the generals who can command whole campaigns.

The physical plane is but a boot camp; and the Dark Side, its drill instructor.  All that comes before and behind this is but theater.  What we see in this life is but an electric play of cause and effect, a cosmic motion picture thrown across a blank screen of space and time.  Some of us are born wealthy, some highly intelligent, some what one can call luck; and as I said before, some come by destitution.   As quickly, some can bestow the very picture of vitality, of health; while others, infirmity.  Ahh…some of us are born into lives of flare and adventure; others, ennui.  And this is the way it may play out, but this is no willy nilly thing.

I did say that all proceeds with exactitude.  Problem too often is, we are empirics down here, which is why so often Americans, for example, are so cynical — so “show me.”  They want proof, something palpable, tangible.  Yet, from where the core and seed and heart of any soul derives is at a place that has no origins in the empirical or what one might call the scientific method, or the familiar.  And if obstructed from having access to this, life becomes boring to them; all is a disaster.  In particular does this express among men — like you and me, for men are stubborn and often at a want to fire up their confidence.

In fact, a youngest of child knows more about the greater aspects of life than the adult but lacks the capacity to articulate this.  The gates of the heavens are not opened by the measure of acuity of brain that one posssesse but in fact by what and the way in which one feels of things.

What you and I and anyone here perceive and feel is what virtually everyone in some form or fashion feels or has at some time or another.  What you experience is the like of what every master, savior, and holyman has felt and in many ways still feels, too; for no matter on what station one could abide, there exists a plane above it.  You do rest for a relative while, but then you have to gear up again and rappel up the next overhang or cliff.  There is always the next step, which claim annoys many a philosopher, who in turn will argue and grouse ad infinitum in opposition to this assertion.  But of course, in the tradition of philosophy, the philosopher wants to win.   But life is not under arms and thus has no cause or need to win that losing should be held as something prohibitive of occurring.

I’m not sure why God/Gods have decided our lives this way.

You will be made sure without feeling you have been remanded to that state.  That you can be assured of.  But things take time, Seth.  Bear in mind, you have spent all of your life being the one who is known as Seth.  Now you are looking to something else again.

I just hope that there’s a better solution, and that we’ll finally know the secret to making life work.

This differs for different people and for different times and conditions.  Much of again comes to merging theory with practice, faith with experience, spiritual exercise with patience.  In short, as I have said, so much comes while on the march.  Of still more to the point — much comes down to finding kindred ones and coalescing view points and sharing talents and temperaments.  This is how corporations have commenced; how inventions have been invented and how great music bands have been formed; and above all, comes by what is simple as a handshake and countenancing sincerity in the eyes of another.

I think that you will agree that platitudes have to get out of the way!  So do Ipods and Blackberrys and the like.

Cause at the moment, life isn’t smooth-sailing for me. It may even be torturing with its ups and downs. If we could discover our real purposes, at least we could work at it and know that it’s all going to come together.

You answered this one, to wit: “at least we could work at it and know that it’s all going to come together.”  And so, I say this.  We all need someone to hang out with.  That is what misses today.  Electronics and the like have torn man and woman and child from their native moorings.  We must come to know ourselves.  Some will do this alone.  Some will not, is all…

But there’s no such beacon to guide our way.

That is already happening.  You need only continue what you do.  But I will say again, put your eyes on, your ears open and finally I do say this.  “Man often suffers thirst but fails to see the fountain at his feet.”

What have we to learn, really?

‘Ourselves first and foremost, and if this multiplied many times over, we can behold a whole other world indeed.  It has happened countless times before, it can ensue countless times again.

So what is your plan, my friend. How’d you face the future to come, what are your views on it?

This is something that has plagued even the greatest of men.  I know of no great personage who held a charm against that dilemma and specter.  It is just part of our growing up; each of us.  We often want our guides and mentors to be without clay feet.  But know that if an individual walks this earth, he or she is subject to bear clay as likely as carbon steel in his or her form, for how else might he or she minister to those who are in need of succor and guidance?

What kinds of expectations/truths do you hold to live through life in the best way?

This we both can share and expound on, and there is an answer.


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