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#39 A Huge Spiritual Discovery – If You Can See It

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Conversation with ‘sage’ continues. If you could open your eyes to his main expression below, your life could change dramatically. But as the saying goes: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Learn what you can from his words, time will teach you the rest.

Like the last post, my email’s bolded. The rest are his words:


The fact is, if there are any expressions from me of life they would mainly be expressions of loathe & frustration.

I bear this, too.  There is just cause for it; you are not alone.

I have studied subjects on meditation, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, happiness, life – and almost every other kind of material wisdom out there. Because of my parents’ occupations, I was also born surrounded by various knowledge of the real world. However, I find it hard to seek the ultimate truth of life in either source.

And, possibly, neither might you find it via your parents.  You are speaking directly of the Mind here.  But there is hope, is there not?  There lives some over six billion people on this planet.  No need are we to invest our lot in merely two.  One’s parents — apart from their building us from scratch and introducing us to the world, enabling us with the means to take our first cracks at the world and accord us love — is to act as a foil to prompt and trigger causation this time round.  They are often our sand stones, our chisels, our polishers, making us at least reasonably fit to confront the outer world.  While we may be good to be born to family, there is no necessity for us to predecease our purposes here nor the reasons why we were born in the first place, or what you have framed as Destiny, which purpose is to facilitate still newer realities.

‘So you see why I say we must come to know ourselves?  Frustration has its place.  Make no mistake about that.  What displaces us is bearing too much or too little.

There’s no source which I’m willing to put my complete 100% trust in.

Oh but there is.  That ‘Source’ is you; you are that source.  We are each set in a Medium of sorts, an inconceivably intelligent, outrageously conscious medium, which is given the poetic names Spirit and God.  Ultimately, one eventually finds that one can subscribe to no religion, to no path but one’s own but rather, abide and respect others’ paths and spaces so that we may have ours.  For of theirs, one is best to assume that theirs is no less or more reflexive than one’s own.  By reflexive I mean a = a, which is a true statement, without condition. [these points are important and again, like another curiosity we touched on, are needing revisited]

Observe: Just go into any library touted as having some said pedigree or peruse any boutique book store or book chain, and if you look closely will you find numerous once patented doctrines, religions, and paths that could have been but never made it.  Many were no less solid than the ones that became known and successful and populistic.  Only are there comparatively scarce few that locked into the collective consciousness in each respective place and period as found extant then in the annals of humankind.

And so there is some force, some power that allows this, which is to say, Spirit uses what it has and does not force a thing or entity into being what is not presently accoutered with to presently handle, for this would defeat the whole purpose for which a soul has chosen to toil, of which interruption would avail no recourse but to start again.  What good would this do?  What economy evidences?  Economy is a Law unto itself, but not as we learn of midst the strike and strain on Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and Capitol Hill.  The Law of Economy is a high one indeed and is not to be trifled with.

Now, Spirit is like that of water: it seeks its own level and does make its way into whatever void or crevice that such voids avail.  It makes no distinctions but avails Itself of whomever and whatever avails himself or itself to It.  ‘The idea of — ‘use what you have’ hold true here.  The habit of collective consciousness, likewise, is likened to a void.  Since a soul’s first mission is to survive and to be free, it does what it can and must to achieve that state, nameless as that state may well be, in which it can be the most of what it can at the given moment in its present level of consciousness; now here, then as quickly gone again, now off to its next state.  And the only constant amid all this is the individual himself.  Oneself is the common thread; “so fine as to be invisible, yet so strong as to be unbreakable,” as once stated by the American writer Peddar Zaskq.

In 1922, the writer H.L. Mencken wrote a piece titled Funeral March.  In it he expounds queues of untold numbers of great and supposed religions and god paths, each of which came with its peculiar doctrine and immutable, infallible laws, its own constitution and dogma as given supposedly by God Itself for that time and place, which bore each its own hierarchy, having its varied minions and truth bearers.  And in each, its gods all were of the highest dignity, worshipped and believed in by millions.  All were held omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and immortal.  Mencken ends with saying, “And all are dead.”

You are correct not to entrust your most precious center to anything short of you.  We are soloists here.  Often we are given to believe that we have the company of others or many, but as one climbs, as one rises in consciousness, the comforts of the company of others does thin.  And in truth, that person’s own magnetic and energetic signature acts as, say, a shield, a divine indemnity which serves to protect that soul such that it can now be accorded greater light and sound without interrupton and can proceed along and on into the myriad pathways of Life’s great way.

There is simply not enough like you, you realize, is what will now have occurred.  A lonely path this is, you may be finding, at whatever station it is that you now have set and wherever you find yourself.  There is cause for anger and loathing.  And you will never quite hear what only you can and need to hear; for only you can trumpet that sound.

Because my instincts point in different directions.

We are seekers till we no longer are or need to be.  This takes time.  ‘May require thousands upon thousands of years but more accurately, millions…

Everything has an argument,

True.  ‘Everything of and by the mind.

and I stand in between all the time. The truth will weigh more, and thus put me on the heavier side of the scale. And I struggle and struggle in this, trying to know what is really the final truth, the final balance.

Because let’s face it, everything is possible, but yet not all things are true.

Yes, perhaps, maybe.  That which is true does speak only to possibility.  Might that you can become me or become God or anyone aside from yourself be possible?  Is knowing the truth to this within our reaches?  Well, we can at least say that we are in for a good ride upon the greatest of loops if we should dare to unravel the truth about this.  Will we have in hand one sure fire thing to hold to in this world given our human compass?  Truth and possibility depends one the lie and the impossible to be the truth.  Why, because truth cannot be mocked.  For every truth, there is a higher truth still; wherever it manifests and expresses in a world whose whole substrate is founded on duality is it subject to the laws of dichotomy, of uncertainty.  I will tell you this.  No two things can occupy the same space at the same time but Soul, which is an entity that is beyond anything Mind or Mind-like, beyond anything matter or matter-like or likewise, space-like or time-like.

I don’t want to be led by illusion. I don’t want to believe in something that is false. What’s the meaning in life living that way?

Here in this sphere there is no escaping illusion.  ‘Comes with the territory.

In the end, I seek genuine happiness.

This is good.  What we have ever to realize that in seeking this, we have as well to take what comes with it — its darker twin.

Not just mentally as well. I want to live it fully. Which means I could physically feel it. For mental/spiritual happiness doesn’t last long in the face of reality.

This is quite true, simply because happiness is but the obverse of darkness; a mercurial, volatile, material thing it is, subject to shift in a moment’s notice.  Happiness is one of the lower world’s snarling little puppies while here in the worlds of duality, ever wanting to be doted on and given attention.  We should yet say, one is a fool to seek darkness over happiness.  And let idealism come with equal portions of practicality.

I’ve experienced enough of it, you perhaps have too. We could change our perception and be happy, but that’s not an honest way.

Ah…that is it in a nutshell — “not an honest way.”

Problem is, there’s such a thing called destiny, God, intuition, higher source, purpose in life.

How are we to mix in everything in the right portion? Balance? It’s easy to say, but life doesn’t let you live with balance all the time.

Balance is easy to say, and even harder to achieve, is what you are contesting.  Here is why I said before that platitude has to get out of the way.  Balance is nothing that is set but in fact is a case of mitigating and governing ranges of motion; it is the negotiating of extremes, the mastery of which suggests a state of ever-readiness, of work — mean, fighting dog work — and amid highs and lows there evidences that state wherein one knows to lean not too heavily in any one direction over time, but rather to sustain with somewhat precision and centering, like that of a mercury thermometer.  We find that the mercury, or content, eddies to extremes, but the thermometer, or context, itself remains centered, steady; that is, it remains self-constituted as the thermometer and thereby fulfills the purpose for which it is designed to serve, which is to avail readings for the observer, which in this case is the Mind itself, while Soul, or the thermometer, is fundamentally Itself, which is to say, untouched, constituted.

Most of the time in fact. You go to work, you have much less balance in spiritual happiness. You don’t work, you falter in material prosperity. Either ways it’s meant to screw with our lives. And I have no confirmed directions on how to put it together, as I’ve said.

And that, my friend, is the whole of this thing mastery.  We are self-facilitating and made to be so whether we like this or no.  That is true for everyone.  And this is why I say that what helps offset this is to people yourself with those who can mitigate your extremes as these arise; and you, theirs.

Could one suggest to you certain techniques by which you can move through the ethers, travel back in time, perform certain feats, wield of great siddhis powers and all this sort of thing, well, the answer is yes, one could do this, but what is most important, miracles and the like notwithstanding, is for one to come to know oneself, and such things as these listed shall come in the by and by anyway.

So, that’s my current expression.


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2 Comments on “#39 A Huge Spiritual Discovery – If You Can See It”

  1. 1 Varada said at 4:26 pm on October 9th, 2009:

    Cheesy article, I love your thought on parents and the worldly wisdom.

    Remember you have a choice and a purpose. The idea is how much you are willing to give, that much you can certainly take.

    The message is clear.


  2. 2 Tingkulu said at 10:53 am on November 15th, 2015:

    Leona ??? A Guide to Happiness ? ‘happy’?? ?? ? ???Collins?? Someone who is ‘happy’ has feelings of plrasuee, usually because something nice has happened or because they feel satisfied with their life. ??????? ??happy ????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??????????? ?????????????? ????????? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ??? ???? ???IFC????? ???? ???????????????? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ????? ?????OK ????

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