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#41 The Greatest Secret to Happiness

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Here you may ask, “Are not the experiences gained during the waking state, through the five senses, happiness?” Scrutinize more deeply. You should investigate with a keen attention each one of your pleasurable experiences as to what changes take place within you at that time.

Let us take an example.

Suppose you want to eat a sweetmeat; as soon as this thought arises in you, you start working to acquire all the necessary ingredients for making that sweetmeat. You prepare it and start eating it. Now, happiness is experienced. If you analyse how this happiness is obtained, that is, if you watch the feeling of happiness that rises within you while eating, you will find that the thought-waves which had risen out of the desire for the sweetmeat – “I want a sweetmeat” – and which had been raging so far cease.

Now the thought-waves cease, but only for a while; hence the happiness is also experienced only for a while. When the sweetmeat has been eaten, the thought-waves rise up again, and so the happiness disappears.

Some may argue : “A sweetmeat is sweet; that is why it gives happiness, and not because of the cessation of thoughts. The reason for the happiness is the sweetness in the sweetmeat”. But this is wrong; it is a conclusion lacking sufficient analysis. Let us see how.

The tongue, the organ of taste, can only discern which thing has what taste: sugarcandy is sweet, neem is bitter, tamarind is sour, salt is salty, and so on. But it is only the mind that decides likes and dislikes: “I want this taste and not that one”. Though a thing is bitter, if the mind wants it, it will derive happiness even in that bitterness.

Are there not some people who hate sweets and have a peculiar craving for bitter things? In the same manner are there not some who relish dried fish, while others will run miles to escape from the very smell of it? Moreover, though one is eating the tastiest and choicest dish in the world, one’s mind may be so engrossed at that time in some other thoughts that it is unable to create thoughts of desire for that tasty food, and consequently one is unable either to know its taste or to derive happiness from it.

Similarly, when the mind is centred elsewhere, one can eat even a tasteless dish without aversion. Further, when one is hungry and the desire for food is strong, one eats and happily relishes even the worst and most tasteless preparation.

What can we infer from all this?

It is not the taste but only the thought-waves of the mind, in the form of likes and dislikes, which account for one’s happiness and misery.

Thus,  if the thought-wave that rises  is one of dislike for a thing of a particular taste,  the removal of that thing will calm down the thought-wave and thus the mind will subside; hence happiness, which is your real nature, is then revealed.

If the thought-wave is one of a liking for a thing of a particular taste, when you get that thing the thought-wave will calm down and the mind will subside; hence here again happiness is revealed. Therefore, it will be clear to those who keenly observe that happiness is experienced only by quietening the thoughts which rise again and again.

It does not matter whether a thing is sweet or bitter. The rising of thought-waves in the form of likes and dislikes for things  alone is sorrow, and their subsidence alone is happiness; that is all!


The above is a snippet from the book, “The Path of Sri Ramana.”


I am amazed, my consciousness overbearing as I’m writing this right now.

Staying in the present, cessation of thought-waves, they’re the same after all.

Both stills the mind, and leads to genuine happiness.

All that we’re truly looking for in our whole lives.

We’ve just expounded upon a Truth billions of people who’ve died before us have never gotten the chance to learn.

Young or old, rich or poor, hopeful or hopeless, innumerable lives have gone by without ever been given the opportunity to know what you’ve just discovered… to know exactly how they can gain peace, comfort and bliss in their lives whenever they want.

So I make a request of you today, dear reader.

Share this knowledge with as many people as you can, and as far as you can deliver it.

For that’s the least we can do to give back.

Wisdom is passed on and refined until its core is discovered.

Without knowledge jotted down from the past, we won’t learn what we learn today.

Let us spark the spreading of this discovery, and allow the consciousness of mankind to continue going in the right way.

That we can learn the right thing.

And create more out of that same path towards wellbeing.

Thanks for reading.

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    I’m grateful you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

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    That’s an inventive answer to an interesting question

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