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#43 How to Be Your True Self

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What is the difference between desire, and Love?

When you desire, your heart aches for it.

When you Love, purely, genuinely, in the presence –

Your whole body will be filled with the sensation of Love.

It has been said that our true nature is existence, consciousness, bliss.

Bliss which means – Peace, Happiness, Love.

Since it is so, by being Love you are being your true Self.

And the way to being your true Self, you’ve just learned.

It has also been said that likes and dislikes stop us from being our true Selves.

In this case, by Loving, everything, while staying fully in the present, with your whole body, allowing everything to happen, you melt away likes and dislikes.

Yes, allowing yourself to be Love.

And then also allowing yourself to forget of this notion of letting yourself be Love thereafter.

There are no shoulds.

You’ll have to let go of desires at some point.

To become your true Self.

Let it be Now!

When done, your physical reality will relax.

But your vision will expand, clearly, crisply, filling with clarity & focus of all that is beautiful.

Which means everything, even that which you don’t previously admire.

Let the mind go, let the Nothingness stay.

Open your eyes, Observe Reality.

Stay in the moment, Love with all your being.

Then simply Allow.

This way, even the worst situations can be turned into a bearable one.

At the end of this post, forget everything you’ve learned here.

Stay only with your presence, that is The Way.

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One Comment on “#43 How to Be Your True Self”

  1. 1 Ray said at 10:29 am on October 22nd, 2009:

    Beautiful words.

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