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#44 Vivek: Discrimination Between Peace & Suffering

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Here is Papaji’s teachings on an Indian term “Vivek.”

I found it crucial for Self discovery, so I’m sharing it here.

This is its explanation:


Vivek is the intellect asking and determining
if something is transient or permanent.
Vivek is the choice between the bliss of Self
and the pleasures of the senses; between peace and disturbance.

With Vivek pick up what is real or else you will make a mistake.
Wise living is discriminating between the false from the true,
between joy and suffering, and then rejecting what you are not.
Discrimination destroys clinging by exposing the transcience,
the illusory nature, of the object to be clung to.

You must always be centered in Self.
That Self alone is the Truth, all else is falsehood.
A strong understanding of this in your mind is important.
Instantly reason it out: is it a rope or is it a snake!
Faulty discrimination is a prison,
in which you are slave to an imaginary snake.


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