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“Soon it would be known to mankind that it isn’t the ability to control the mind, but to silence the mind, that greatness is achieved.”

“Wherever you are, whether in worldly society or the forest, the same mind is always with you. It is the same old mind, wherever you reside.”

“It is not actions themselves that should be given up, but the inner feeling that one is doing them.”

“When the mind goes out like a monkey bring it back again.
Again it will go and again bring it back.
Again it will go and again bring it back.
Play the game and eventually the mind will stop going.”

“Concentrate not on achieving No-Mind. Effortlessly be it in the present. Since the cessation of thoughtwaves are true reasons why we’re happy, you’re giving yourself the best being here and now.”

“Mind is only in doubts and desires. Only then do you need mind. Now the trick of the mind is over. Now if the mind comes to you it will be your slave, your servant to look after your body requirements, not to command you to do this or that and trouble you. It will become like a slave. You are not to think anything, it will serve you. But if you do not know that it is a servant, you will suffer.”

“Once you gain an object of desire, another one will be there. One fulfilled another one is waiting. Even kings are not happy. “No-desire” is absolute bliss. And when you are bliss, then there is peace. When there is peace, then there is stillness of mind. When there is stillness of mind, this is freedom.”

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6 Comments on “#45 Quotes”

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