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#46 How Does the True Self Feel Like

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You’ve heard people say that we are in actuality One.

But how can you understand this?

I got this picture in my mind a while ago:

It is likened to a man in the forest asking, “When will the fire of my true Self consume me?”

But he didn’t realize that because of his mind’s misdirection, of its distraction, he was only able to look down at the patch of untouched grass before his eyes.

Little did he realize that the forest which houses him, surrounding him, was all burning with fire this whole while.

Assuming your true nature is God, but is distracted by the ‘ego’ or mind, this is what’s happening. The forest is burning. But the illusion was created to block you away from It, to put you in a puny little tiny space where your Self is restricted, controlled, supressed.

The only way out is to realize this fact, know that happiness is only attained in the presence of your true Self, and let the burning forest consume you in whole.

Let the fire consume the illusion (mind) of the green patch of grass, along with everything that exist within the space.

Then you’d finally realize how your true Self feels like.

Always burning, always is, Now.

Without illusion, without ego, without mind.

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