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#48 S.N. Goenka’s Speech to United Nations: Our Highest Potential as Humanity

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Thought to share this with you:

This consciousness of awakening to our true selves is spreading, even into politics.

Let’s spread the same message, so we could experience this new time in history where love, peace, meaning & happiness permeates the world, while we’re still alive.

Sidenote: He teaches Vipassana, a way of meditation. I don’t do it, simply because I do my best to make every conscious moment a meditation. However, prior to doing this I first trained my mind into quiescence by sitting quietly. It may be challenging in the beginning for one to silence the mental chatter even for a few seconds, so meditation is the key towards improvement. With that said, the goal is for you to be able to stay with your seed of consciousness – unchanged by thoughts, perceptions or intentions at all times. When done you’ll find that not only are you filled with distinct clarity, your life will feel much more liberated, undiscovered potentials & talents will also emerge.

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