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#50 The Answer to Living Life with the Understanding of Nothingness?

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Listen, carefully, to everything he’s saying:

So what I’m going to do is, I’ll experiment the way of thinking as he’d described with what I know about life & our true nature, and update you in this same post whether it has proved itself to work in the future.

Thanks for reading.

Update 3rd November 2009:

From what I’ve eventually come to learn, referring to the title of this blog post the answer is no.

There’s a reason for this.

The quickest answer I can give you without using a whole book to describe is:

You are actually everything. Just temporarily expressed through a human being. The real you is consciousness, pure awareness, nothingness.

So you are not the body, per se (well you should’ve known why this is true for a while now if you’ve studied the previous blog posts). What you’re experiencing with your senses, what you’ve experienced with your senses, what you’ll experience with your senses is also you. ‘You’ are who’s writing this.

Everything – once again – everything is you. Hence there’s no reason to yearn for something – everything just is. With an understanding from quiescence (which means noticing without effort), this realization brings liberation! Attached labels to what the mind perceives or conceives shall fade for their impermanence.

Life is, nothing else. And since your true nature is peace, fullness & happiness – Love, there is nothing else to chase, no more cycles/loops to repeat. To you Love just happens, it’s as simple as that!

Staying as Being is probably the only answer.

To be a little bit more practical, here’s an explanation:

According to the big bang theory, a very, very hot atom appeared out of nowhere & caused the explosion which created the whole Universe and all that it contains, creating Time & Space.

Eventually, this explosion also allowed for the emergence of particles, which combined & formed atoms, which turned to matter and condensed into the stars, planets & everything that the planets eventually come to ‘produce’.

That’s how the world came to take the shape & form it has today.

The question is, where did this atom really, actually come from?

Where is nowhere?

I call it Emptiness.

This is the place where there’s no color, images, or anything that we can conceive/perceive.

And yet it is the source of everything, including time & space, matter, thoughts, the list continues ad infinitum.

Putting that aside for a moment, what I understand is that enlightenment comes from the understanding that we are This-One-Emptiness.

It is the pure awareness we refer to as who, we really are.

The one referred  to when we ask, “Since you are not your thoughts or your mind… and you can stand as the observer looking at them, who are you?”

Who is this observer?

Let presence enter. Let go of all doership. Let everything stay as it Is.

Don’t let your mind interfere – just do it, it is that simple.

In this moment Now, without referring to what you’ve learned, seen, heard, experienced, tell me, who or what are you?

Simplicity is all we need.

Answer exactly as it comes from your heart.

Who, or what are you prior to everything including your physical body, your thoughts, your experiences if it all appears from

The hardest thing
for the human mind to accept
is the fact that not the personal I
but Oneness is the ‘doer.’
Burt Harding

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