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#53 How to Know the Truth & Achieve Happiness – Part 2

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For as long as humanity decides to protect the notion of ‘separate identities,’ sufferings will continue.

But you know what the funny thing is?

‘Separate identities’ has always just been an illusion, as you’ll soon see.

Without further ado let’s begin, shall we?

So where does matter come from?

If you would do a quick research, you’d discover that it’s formed by tiny little round atoms sticking & condensed with each other to form a physical object.

That’s what we have learned in high school, at least.

What we didn’t particularly learn, is the curiosity to take all this knowledge we have, try to fill it in into the puzzle of Life and make the picture whole in order to see the world from ‘God’s perspective.’

Instead, we just take everything that people tell us, teach us, even brainwash us with and simply see the world from this ‘little aquarium’ we were put into.

Most people don’t bother to break out from this aquarium, for what’s the point?

Well for the ones who think the current world is great, there’s no point really. Because even though everything might be a lie, as long as things are going good for them they don’t have to bother. The selfish ‘me’ don’t mind.

Even if there are babies crying, kids being seriously injured, helpless women & children being paralyzed in other countries because of wars – nothing’s happening over here, so it doesn’t matter. Why should we? Life’s meant to be enjoyed after all and if we are enjoying it, there’s no reason to even want to know what’s happening on the other side of the earth.

That’s the ignorance that caused all of the pains, sufferings & sadness in the world.

It stems everything we despise in our daily lives.

And it starts, all from the protection of this ‘separate, me identity.’

I know, it doesn’t make sense.

If this is where all of our troubles stem from, why is it that nobody realizes it? Why is it that nothing big has been done? Why is it that we continue letting this ‘me’ take control of our reality and cause pains to our lives?

So we go back into what we’ve just talked about.

It is really just because of two reasons:

1.) We just straightly, simply choose to be IGNORANT

2.) This awareness of being concerned of the big picture of life, to see everything as whole, to view the world from the perspective of not just our lives, but outside of earth, from the universe, greater than the universe simply wasn’t introduced to us by our parents, the society, or the people who governed the places we live.

In a while, we’re about to see why this ‘separate me identity’ is an illusion after all, why it’s not real.

After you discover this, you’ll know so much you may feel the urge to laugh hard – well I assure you it’s not strange, so go ahead.

It may be a little ‘threatening’ to some of our egos, but this is ok. I have a little ‘trick’ for you to get over this – all you need to do is remember as much as you can all the sufferings, pains & sadness caused by mankind in our world, in other people whose lives you empathize, or just in your life. And compare that to this little ‘threat’ to the ego.

It won’t even weigh balancely on a scale, so naturally you’ll accept what matters more.

So first, let’s find out who we are.

Who is this person we care to defend so much about? This person whom we want to make attractive in the eyes of others? This person whom we want others to accept?

If you’ve read part 1 & watched the videos, you’ll learn of this term we call “pure awareness.”

And people say we are awareness, because we are aware we exist. We are not our minds, because we can be aware of it – to prove this, close your eyes for 10 seconds and notice how your thoughts move & chatter on its own despite your control, you are aware & can observe it. We are not our bodies, of course, since it’s you who controls the body, is it not? We’re not our feelings, because it’s too impermanent and like the mind, we can observe our own feelings.

Surely who we really are is higher than the mind, body, feelings. We can observe these things. We can be aware of them.

That’s how the notion that we are “pure awareness” came to be.

I’m going to connect this to science.

Back to what we were talking about ‘matter’ (think body, organs & brain) being formed by just atoms sticking & condensed with each other –

When you magnify deeper into an atom, you’ll discover that it’s formed by a nucleus & electrons (which are charges created by the nucleus).

Look deeper into a nucleus, and you’ll discover that it is formed by quarks that are like energy which appear out of nowhere, energy appearing out of nothingness.

If you’ve been reading this closely now…

You’d get to a realization of something rather peculiar.

If the source of matter, where matter comes from, how the atoms that make up matter is the SAME – from emptiness, how did we get this notion that we are separate?

Despite how different something looks…

If it is still formed out of a nucleus & its electrons, which existence appeared from nowhere, then what is this ‘separate me identity’ really?

We say it’s an illusion – but if you want a more down-to-earth description, I’d say it’s just a ‘story’ created by the ego, in the mind – like a game.

And such a story is shallow, meaningless, unproductive when clung onto.

For, does believing the story that you are ‘superman’ give you the power to fly?

If it is not who you are, it simply won’t affect your true nature.

It simply won’t change what is real.

Despite your conscious control as a human, the world continues functioning as it had always been. The sun continues shining, giving us warmth & bright light. The earth continues surrounding it, providing us with the right climate to live in. Trees, flowers & grasses continues to grow, giving us oxygen to survive. Our heart continues to beat, despite a conscious effort of intending it to.

It is amazing, this emptiness.

It allows Life to express itself beautifully despite the control of any ‘separate me identity.’

In quiescence, we can sense how true this is.

But as the mind comes into activity, it tries to convince you otherwise.

However, truths are unignorable.

So one day, we may just all come to acknowledge it.

Today, you’ve discovered the biggest reason to all of the sufferings that exist in our world – the protection & clinging of the ‘separate me identity’ – so ignore it until you’ve decided to see sufferings end.

On the other hand, if you have gained clarity of this understanding and want to breathe life into it – spread the word about this realization.

Let others know that the ‘separate me identity’ is of no valid nature after all.

The world could be filled with so much more happiness, satisfaction & joy without its illusionary dictation.

It could finally become a place we’d desire to wake up to each morning.

Share this with the people you know.

Here are the videos from Burt.

“Sufferings triumph only through ignorance.”

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    Or, as Henry Rollins phrased it:”I have found the Iron to be my graesett friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go, but two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.”

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