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#54 The Lord’s Prayer

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Many of times, we didn’t listen to what Life is trying to tell us.

We didn’t allow time to stay for what it is, and instead let our minds continue running the show.

It’s perfectly fine to let yourself play out the show, for you’ll come to realize that’s what Life is. But problems arise as we identify ourselves with the mind all the time. When that happens, we tend to take things for granted, and miss out on the full colors, tastes, beauty, love & joy that Life offers.

However as we let go of the illusion of time – past & future, the present allows us to see things without the mind, as they are.

With this clarity, we have the ability to realize the beauty within things we’ve always had but never truly appreciated.

So I urge you, if you’re reading this, allow yourself the liberty to listen.

Listen to Now, for being here… you have everything you need.

That includes God.

Burt Harding, a spiritual teacher explains the Lord’s prayer (as adopted by Christians) in a way that’s free of judgment. Eventually, his explanations allowed me to ease in to the present moment. When this happens, I take it as God’s way of nodding to what is real through our hearts.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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