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#58 Anything that Vibrates is Illusion

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By: BRIAN SANCHEZ – Fri July 3, 2009 at 9:38 AM

Anything that vibrates is an Illusion of Separation within Oneness. Oneness free from Illusion is the state of total balance and stillness. Once Oneness vibrates, it becomes an Expression of its own Self, unique in its own right within the Illusion of Separation but at the same time encompassing all of Oneness in its entirety.

The Separation perceived by an Expression of Oneness (and all that vibrates is an Expression of Oneness) only exists in Illusion, since energy that vibrates creates a parabolic oscillation of the One energy. This oscillation of energy is what creates the Illusion of Polarity/Duality (meaning, we can never be free from opposing forces unless we stop vibrating!), which in turn manifests into the Illusion of Karma, which in turn manifests into the Illusion of Motion, which in turn manifests into the Illusion of Time. It is from the Illusion of Time manifested by the Illusion of Separation (“Space”) within Oneness where we get the Illusion of the Unknown. Once an Expression of Oneness believes in the “reality” of the Unknown, it loses its awareness of its Self being Oneness, and that it is detached not only from Oneness but also from other Expressions of Oneness. This “densest” level of the Illusion of Separation is what we are experiencing now — Oneness forgetting it is Oneness, so to speak, within the Space/Time Illusion. When one perceives one’s self as a separate entity from All, it begins to Fear the Unknown, since it cannot perceive beyond its own limited physical senses. This Fear of the Unknown leads to Attachment to the Illusion of Separation, since the Illusion is all that the individual can perceive as “known”. Attachment to the Illusion of Separation is what causes the Illusion of Suffering. The Space/Time loop of “history repeating itself” is in fact our subconscious choice of revisiting instances and events where we have yet to realize that our self-induced Suffering is caused by our Attachment to the Illusion of Separation.

Any form of suffering that repeats itself, from war to abusive relationships, is caused by Attachment. Our Attachment to the Illusions of vanity, old age, weight gain, selfish love, possessions, fame, money, power, materialism, etc., is the source of our self-induced and self-perpetuating experiences of Suffering. Therefore, there is no way one can end Suffering unless one lets go of the Illusion of Separation. Letting go is the greatest challenge for an Expression of Oneness, because our Fear of the Unknown has made us latch onto anything that we “know” is certain… like money, our looks, power, fame and materialism. Ultimately, it will be our Egos — which thrive within the Illusion of Separation — that will stand in our way to fully realizing Oneness. When we turn around and face our fears, what we will see is a reflection of our Selves. All the suffering we see around us — and in fact all the people, places and instances we perceive around us — are reflections of our hopes, loves, desires and fears.

To begin to break free from the Illusion of Suffering is to realize that no matter how we try to change our reflection (ie., trying to change or impose our will or beliefs upon others), we can never change anything unless we change our Self. Letting go of our own Selves is the final frontier for an Expression of Oneness to finally realize Oneness free from Illusion. Until that time comes, we will all continue to partake in the Illusion of Separation for what its worth, make the most of the lives we so choose to live, and live them how we wish to live them according our beliefs and perceptions of Self in relation to All. Whether we choose to see the true Oneness beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness, and live in accordance to our realization and understanding what All Is One, is entirely up to us.

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*Amazing article, isn’t it?


Just got back from watching a movie at a mega mall. It’s called “The Fourth Kind.” And I felt hysterical on my drive home because there is so much real information we don’t know that’s revealed in it.

It’s like these things have been put out in the open before our eyes all these while – we just somehow, didn’t pay attention to them.

I for one, am excited because who knows what these little pieces of truths will cause in the world.

Will they raise our consciousness? Will they take us out of our conditioned minds & lead us to see things as they are, from within, from our own Selves? Will they give us the courage to break free from ‘the usual grind,’ allowing us to take actions that matter – to work towards a much more open, liberating, greater, happier, expressively loving future for all?

It’s all just way too interesting.

This play of life, this game, this whole world.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the kind of wellbeing we can create together in the future.

P.S. Okay now, I have to say this is a really scary movie. I’m writing this from the standpoint of an ‘open-minded adult’ . If you’re planning to watch it, have a group of people preferably friends to watch it together so you can have a laugh or two about it afterwards (yeah btw, I’ve read review sites which said that skepticism kills the movie – and I think that could happen. I enjoyed it nonetheless, by simply being observant).

The movie’s about alien abduction. And the aliens certainly weren’t friendly – but remember, we should unconditionally love them regardless. I really adore Milla Jovovich (she played the main actress), her movie “The Fifth Element” with Bruce Willis is both funny & entertaining.

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