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#59 Predictions, Your Choice

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I stumbled on an interview done by Project Camelot with Dr. Pete Peterson a couple of hours ago.

In summary, this video reveals much of what truly happens behind the financial, political & paranormal scenes of our current world right now.

I want you to take note that Dr. Pete Peterson here is a PhD. in Philosophical Science – an intelligent & scientific man, who has invented numerous highly-technological devices, worked with multiple secret governmental agencies, and is connected with many insiders who move around the White House, people who has information that only the most influential does.

And in this interview, he’d shared quite a lot of what he knew.

Included in the video is information about:

  • The economic downfall that’s inevitably going to happen in the near future (2010)
  • Survivability precautions that could be taken
  • Why the government has partially funded the recent few apocalyptic movies
  • What shocked President Barack Obama the most on his 1st presidential briefing
  • Which Presidents were silenced from revealing information about extra-terrestrials
  • What happened to Presidential authorities after George Washington (hint: they’re not that powerful after all)
  • And much, much more

What would knock on our doors in these close coming years?

I can’t really tell yet. The best I can do now is just to continue sharing  information I find reliable here, and hope you’ll benefit as a result. In the meantime, I look forward to receiving greater guidance.

Till the next post.

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