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#61 Running Out of Words

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I think the world is really made to be a mystery.

Until the time comes, we could only live normally while staying in constant wonder.

This post shall be a casual expression.

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve really been thinking a lot about what Life is, where truths lie, and how happiness can really be attained.

I’ve ventured into many information sources, videos, audios & texts alike, from all kinds of different subjects – science, politics, religions, etc. and guess where I fall now?

Right where I was, perhaps only calmer inside.

I thought pushing harder & harder into unveiling the mysteries of life would get me someplace different, but I was probably wrong.

I’ve got a bigger picture of life, that’s for sure.

I know a hell lot more than most of the population in the world today about who we are, who God is, what is the reality beneath the surface we’re surrounded with everyday…

But all this knowledge only pushed me into a corner with 1 understanding:

That I can’t judge anything at all.

We could act as if we are right. We could demand things to be our way, thinking that it’s the way things should be. We could have others think our way is the way – but in the end…

It would all mean nothing.

You get it? Because it’s all based on nothing at all. We’re going on and on about things that not only make us suffer, but make others suffer too for reasons that are purely illusional. We infringe on others’ thoughts, we infringe on people’s free will. The sum of our actions are mostly shallow when viewed from a higher vantage point, because hey, we could experience Life in a much better way.

I mean, instead of holding so tight to what we’ve been conditioned, we could break free from the illusionary reality, make choices out of our own selves, and decide to receive what we deserve.

I’m talking about a Life filled with unconditional love, happiness & meaning.

This can all be achieved so easily, if we could decide for once, to stop letting others condition us and make decisions for us – and begin taking choices that serve the presence that speaks so loudly from our hearts (it could be something as easy as being loving to everyone) while we go through each day.

I learned that everything that exists in this world is part of God, and is God.

If we could realize this together, and aim to fulfill the purpose of our presence on earth, a new world is inevitable.

As I learned from David Wilcock (, this will happen anyway. I can’t say this will be exactly right, but I sort of adopt this belief. According to him, we human beings who’re living in the 3rd dimension will go on to the 4th in the near future – possibly in 2012. When we do, David describes a world that is separated from the past, a new world will emerge, where unconditional love is shared amongst all, and people will have lives that are absolutely joyful & satisfying.

Until then, I guess my way of thinking now is just to surrender all my problems to the almighty God. Trusting that everything will be taken care of. At the same time, I’m being grateful for every good thing that happens in my life.

When things aggravate me, frustrate me, anger me, I learn to remember that I should not infringe on anyone’s free will.

That means I will always manage myself the best I can, and allow others to learn their lessons & live their lives accordingly.

I will do my best to never react based on a negative attitude in return, as doing so means I’m being controlled & if I retaliate I’d infringe on their free will somehow.

So what I’d do is stay in the present, and offer to make people feel better, but would never push things when it isn’t my right to do so.

Because they are God too.

And they’ve got their own purposes to accomplish being here.

That’s all the expression I’ve got for now.

Till the next post.

P.S. I just got back from travelling in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung) in the past 10 days. This is a country where the rich and poor are clearly separated apart. During my stay here, I learned a lot more about reality, love & respect. I would certainly recommend it to people who seek good food, beautiful views, wide smiles, cheap everything, and a life lesson on their next vacation.

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