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#63 Zecharia Sitchin – The End of Times

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It was the most scientific/seemingly logical book I’ve read that links everything about human creation, theology & history closely together.

Today, I just finished it.

Suffice to say, I’m ending my search for the future. I find no meaning anymore in trying to know more about 2012, ascension/apocalypse, or what predictions people have. Because in the end, only the occurence of the event itself would tell us what’s real.

I’ve been on a journey, a long journey. It involved me looking through my life, contemplating reasons for our existence, seeking out who we really are. In the end though, the conclusion smacked me in the face with a notion – life will still remain a mystery.

It had been so for so many years.

How would it change when the amount of factual information we have remains limited?

I had held this believe so long that if we constantly seek spiritual guidance, that we’ll be shown to it.

In the end, I was shown nothing.

My feelings after reading the book summed it all for me.

It actually talked about 2012 – what I have learned from it is that the Mayan calendar did denote its end of cycle. However, it was a result of its insufficiency of mathematical/technological resources to continue. Ultimately, what lies in 2012?

It still remains a mystery.

Zecharia Sitchin, after years of translating archaeological artifacts, theological texts and different sorts of calculations, pieced together an ending within the book that gave us different dates of when the ‘the end of times’ could happen. But most of the dates lie in years after 2060. A question that arose within me was: will it be worth it to believe in something that would take a lifetime of patience to materialize?

It would be better to just live life, and make the best of it while we’re still alive – if that’s the case.

Of course, as I’ve mentioned, this all remains a mystery.

Until it happens, there really is no reason to spend so much time in its contemplation.

What is there to search in life?

What are we really looking to achieve in the world?

Why are we here?

Until it all ends, we probably wouldn’t get a definite clue would we?

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