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#64 Project Camelot – Bill Ryan

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Remember Project Camelot? I’ve mentioned it in the previous blog posts. Basically it’s a project started by Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy to interview people of knowledge about topics relating to extra-terrestrials, spirituality, secret governmental projects etc. and share these valuable information with the world.

In this video, Bill Ryan was actually interviewed for his views about the current world, right now.

Information revealed includes:

  • Bill’s perception of life & human’s true identity, his personal life story
  • How to discover your purpose in life, know what you are here to do
  • Story of an Illuminati who could put his hands in and out of the wall like magic at a party
  • Psychic doctors, ‘John of God’, miracle healings
  • What’s probably going to happen in 2012 (what has 2019 got to do with it?)
  • Indigo children – specially aware & gifted children, why are they here in droves
  • The international disclosure of ETs – what’s happening right now
  • A message of hope for the conscious
  • And so much more

All I can say is I hope it’d serve you in some way. Thanks for reading. Please enjoy:

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