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#67 The Greatest Spiritual Achievement in Life

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What could be the greatest spiritual achievement one can attain in life?

What is the ultimate lesson that we’re supposed to grasp?

What is the way to ‘spiritual enlightenment’?

Just yesterday, despite having studied and knowing so much about spirituality – life still poses itself as a great challenge for me to keep in balance with.

Despite pulling myself back to the present moment (where problems are supposed to be non-existent), my mind managed to keep pulling my thoughts back & forth into the past & future.

That by itself, being affected strongly by the mind, being pulled by it to the direction it wants – was the single most distracting challenge I had to face to ease my life for the better.

So what happened was, I had dinner with a very intelligent friend last night. Only a few weeks ago, I was the one sharing my knowledge on the topic of truth. But yesterday, he had already attained so much more understanding of the nature of consciousness & mind – that I was the one listening.

The idea is simple:

You see, the mind’s nature when uncontrolled causes insanity.

Imagine having a really advanced computer. When it works in the way you favor, you benefit from its many, many functions. However as a virus, for example infects it, what usually happens is it causes you to be frustrated, it may cause you to lose many important things you needed, it may even cause you to go ‘crazy’.

What we don’t pay attention to is how we identify ourselves as the computer, but not as the one controlling it most of the times.

If we refer to this example from the context comparing the computer to mind, and the one in control consciousness – this could all be very clear.

It may take you some time to realize the fact, but what I’ve come to clearly observe is the mind is not you, me, or anyone.

If you want to observe how true this is, consider meditation.

And a very simple one would do.

A practice I’m contemplating doing every single day now, is to count from 1 – 100 with one breath each count.

While meditating, do your best to focus only on your breath & count.

Only on your conscious breath & count, nothing else.

What you would probably realize is how easily the mind would interrupt your concentration with thoughts, imaginations & stories that has completely no factual value in nature.

In short, the mind has a soul of its own.

BUT – this is the key:

It has a soul of its own with only the power that you give it.

Direct your conscious attention away from those illusionary thoughts that are either in the past or future, and they lose their control over you.

Chances are, you don’t need their control over you in the first place.

Because, why would you need to involve your real life in a fairy tale that is never true?

Unless it IS, meaning it is already happening in the here and now, from your clear observance of the present moment – what your mind thinks could most very well be irrelevant to your life because it’ll pose as just distractions to your happiness.

What I learned most from my friend here is:

There really is only consciousness and the Is-ness of the world. You never had to give any power to any moment other than the now, because it is all there is – all that is true. The past is already unalterable, the future as depicted in your mind is neither the absolute truth.

When you have a negative thought about anything at all, what’s really happening is you’re giving power to the thought to control you.

In that sense, you have lost everything that should be yours in the first place.

Actually, the only thing that is yours.


Give power to no negative thoughts.

Give power to your real Self, and direct your choices towards the thoughts in which you consider their advancement.

There are some things you can never control, and there are some things that you can always control.

For example, the past and future – and now.

But no matter how life’s Is-ness turns out, know that you always have a choice to gain something from it.

You always have a choice to move forward in another direction.

You knew all along what you should do.

Now observe everything.

And use your choice in the way that brings you the most happiness.

#66 Coming Extraterrestrial Disclosure

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This will be a short post, as I’ll let Dr. Steven Greer do the talking through the videos you’re about to watch.

My beliefs in summary – I know extraterrestrials exist.

It’s shown that more than 150 million unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings have been reported since the last 40-50 years.

That’s 150 million officially received phone calls about the witnessing of UFOs, not taking into account of much more which were seen and dismissed.

If only 1 of them is true, the existences of aliens would be confirmed.

See the thought that really excites me about this subject is:

What kind of positive improvements could be brought about if we’re publicly announced of their existence?

How would the mass consciousness of mankind change?

What changes will happen in the way we live life?

Right now, I’m just looking forward to observing Dr. Steven Greer’s work.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll enjoy these videos below:

#65 A Change of Perception for David Icke

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I couldn’t believe how ignorant I was.

I always thought that David Icke was just a conspiracy writer.

That he was somehow, too involved, in the surface illusionary world – speaking only about the Illuminatis, the evils behind political scenes, strange extra-terrestrials and etc.

Little did I know, I had made a wrong mistake of believing in what my mind says without seeing into the truth of it all.

Sure what he had written in his books may sometimes sound far-fetched.

But after watching this interview he had with Project Camelot, now I thought: “What if he was merely just trying to depict what’s really going on under the surface of the world, and we are paying too much focus to the facades playing before our eyes – we see pass the background interactions behind them all?”

I appreciated this interview mainly because he’d explained a lot about why he’s doing what he’s doing, and how it all relates to consciousness/mind in the end.

It got me thinking.

If I had for so long held a wrong perception about something – just because I believed in an illusion my mind held instead of seeing things for what it really Is, how many more similar mistakes have I done in the past?

Our minds, or egos, sure could keep our eyes closed.

But of course, it all doesn’t matter now.

Because what matters isn’t the past, or the future, but only this present moment Now.

So for whatever it’s worth, if you’re reading this my dear reader, I greatly wish that you don’t commit this same mistake I had done.

Life could be filled with so much more happiness, liberation, fulfillment, peace & satisfaction if you could live genuinely, with the truths that your heart insists upon.

Let not the conditioning of others cover the inner voice you had since you were born, as a child, pure & naked without the ideas, concepts and limitations put on you by the external world.

If you have around 2 hours of free time, I would highly recommend that you watch this interview David had done with Project Camelot. I have learned a lot from it. And would sincerely hope that you can benefit from it as well: