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#68 We, On Earth, Are But an Invisible Speck

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How many times in life have we kept ourselves troubled with petty matters that could be brushed off if we wanted?

I won’t describe specifically what ‘petty’ means in this context, because it really depends on where you perceive life from.

If your eyes are shrouded by the waves of life, chances are you could be peeved with the smallest of problems – e.g. allowing negative emotions to take over you for not seeing others act exactly the way you want them to, not having what you want exactly according to your expectations, or not experiencing what you want exactly according to your taste, and etc.

On the other hand, if your eyes are cleared by the waves of life, and you could see life as it really Is – chances are you could live life in a way that no matter what happens, you’ll still be grateful, content or at peace.

It’s not an easy choice to pick between those two circumstances, mind you.

If it is, all of us would have been picked the path of happiness.

But the fact remains that within each human lies this thing called Ego.

What we could safely refer to as the mind, with its own soul.

Now ego has an offer most of us couldn’t resist.

It is a master of preference, who has the ability to give us stories that highly entertain us (with factors usually created by two sides of the extreme, e.g. empowering pleasure/excruciating pain, extreme excitement/depressing apathy, immense satisfaction/raging dislike & etc.) for as long as we choose to feed it with power.

The only down side is – it’s like making a deal with the devil (watched the movie “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus”?).

With every pact he makes with you, you are sure to give him more.

He never loses.

What then should we do?

How should we live life in this case?

In the end, which is the way that can fulfill us the most?

The most honest answer I can give you is:

I don’t really know.

But here’s my observation –

Those I know who are most genuinely happy in this world are the ones who are generally more conscious of what truly matters in life.

And the higher they view life from, the lesser problems of all kinds bother them.

After all, human lives, when seen from the edges of the Universe, are but existences that could be easily dismissed.

For descriptive purposes, I think this video can show you a more vivid imagery of the above statement.

May it benefit you in any way – please enjoy:

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