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#69 The Ultimate Secret of Life

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I myself can’t really believe what a year can do to change a person.

A year ago, I had great ambition, only with a closed mind.

A year later, I have great ambition, only with a conscious mind.

And that by itself, is actually supposed to be a HUGE change.

I guess this is what spirituality is all about.

It’s about a journey, a series of experiences that changes a person in the way he/she sees the world.

And it isn’t so much about changing your mind, really.

It’s more about changing who you are, and as a result what you do.

As who you are changes, despite things staying exactly the same way as they were, they are now entirely different.

A metaphore that I could come up with right now is:

It’s as if in the past, life is like a very aggressive river gushing you along its stream as it sometimes drown you within itself.

However, now – as a wholly grown person, even though the river carries the same characteristics, your mind, body & soul has functioned in a way that’s much more different than before, that despite being put in the same situation, you are able to remain in control of where & how the stream will float you.

Previously, I thought living a certain ‘way’ of life could make one become happier.

Or that, a certain ‘way’ of life is wrong, and another right.

But what life forced me to understand was that, the path to happiness is actually not a single path, but a combination of ALL paths  as one – that if someone were to be truly enlightened, what he/she has to do is understand and see all of the paths in life, accept all of them as a part of each other, and then decide to live the unique life which is meant for him/her through conscious decisions which are made from him/herself as much as it is possible all of the time.

The tiny little joke here is –

The world will stay the same as it has always been.

But it will just never be the same again.

In the past, the earth may appear to be this dark character always throwing pains, sufferings & torture your way, causing your life to be miserable, never showing you light in the worst of situations.

In the present moment however, with the understanding of how life works and the exercising of this knowledge from within, it may appear more like a nurturing mother perhaps, bright and cheery, always making sure that you are taken care of on your journey towards growth as a human being, rewarding you for your actions as they make her proud.

I guess you might have deduced the key to this message by now.

Because it’s really all about living the same life – only with down to earth consciousness this time around, with power solely belonging to you, with decisions clearly made from within you, and with you knowing what to do in times of trouble (and doing it) because of what you learned from all your painful experiences in the past.

Living with a certain sense of Selfishness, but without the negative side of selfishness, because who you are inside is clear, clarified & wise.

Another thing I learned was:

When life becomes plain, flat or completely depressing, you could always decide on two things to do:

Do nothing, or give yourself some distractions.

Distraction carries with it no negative side, if you consciously choose to be distracted.

Which in this case – can be described as just directing your attention from what’s bad to good.

It could be something like coming up with a big picture of how you want your life to be, and then working yourself towards it.

Any activity that could keep you occupied, and benefit you in terms of something new to learn, a skill to be sharpened, some small fun to be gained, etc.

Or something as simple as looking forward to attending a party or event tomorrow, on the weekends, few more days, preparing yourself for it (shopping maybe?) and so on.

If not, doing nothing until time passes and sends something your way works fine too (just not as good perhaps, when you’re in a bad state).

You could always keep yourself in a state of power and get something out of it, if you’re conscious.

You can always make the world work in favor of you.

Combine everything you have, know or can do, work them in a conscious way that is unique to you, and I believe that you would have retrieved your rights to the ultimate secret of life, to become happy, to live without regrets.

I hope this piece of article has been of value to you.

Thanks for reading.

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