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#70 Religions and the Theory of Oneness

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I did some thinking again, in the past few days.

If the world was created out of something, created by the one we refer to as God, Consciousness, the Creator who’s naturally perceived as perfect in every way, would the world in itself be a perfect creation?

I stumbled upon this question because of a conversation I had with a friend.

We came from devout Christian backgrounds, and so we’re innately interested in the concept of God.

But because of our curiosity, we had also questioned the truth behind this almighty religious figure.

What we really didn’t understand, with our logical minds, is –

“Why would our God who is supposed to be perfect in every way, and the most loving amongst all that ever exists according to the bible (he knows everything, is everywhere, has all the power) sometimes act in ways that are less than what a human is capable of?”

From what I learned, people who worship him goes to heaven, and others to the place where they are punished with the worst of punishments for eternity.

Why would a God who has so much love do that to anyone at all?

Why would this God who knows everything (omniscient), created sin for us to commit, and then decides to punish us – for eternity, because of what He has done?

The same goes for the God as referred to by Islams.

I don’t mean any offense for anyone’s beliefs in this post.

That is not my intention at all.

On the other hand, what I really mean to do is bring forth a logical argument that we can ponder over, especially if it could bring more love, peace & happiness into our lives.

As a human, if I were God – I would know that everything acts and exists in the way it is because It Is.

Because I have made it that way, and that is why it exists the way it does.

Now, I’m not saying that I could ever understand things the way God does.

But with the mind that he has granted me, with the consciousness he’d allowed me to have, with the intelligence that he has filled my mind with – it just doesn’t make sense to me why the God as described in doctrinal religions can ever be accounted as the one who is perfect in every way or the most loving of all.

Eventually, I could only arrive at this understanding right now:

That everything in this world is perfect.

See my friend brought up a good point the other day when we were talking.

He said, consider all the things that exists within the Universe.

With its wonder, beauty, amazement – it is only logical that the God who created them is beyond their qualities.

We casually talked about how, if the planets surrounding the sun would have just slipped and gone off its course, disasters would happen.

But they didn’t.

The earth has rotated around the sun for millions of years without ever leaving the track.

With this understanding, we could only deduce that since perfection exists within his creation, the Creator himself must be beyond Perfect – and as such would most likely create existences which are nothing less than perfect in themselves.

If you would, think about this:

Without sadness, would we have appreciated happiness?

Without things that chain our expressions, would we have yearned freedom?

Without the poor, would we have specifically desired to be rich?

It is as if everything that has ever existed was created because they were made to complement each other!

It was as if, everything was made to be perfect since the beginning of time.

I thought about the many people who could offer unconditional love irregardless of what they are faced with.

And then I thought about the God as described by Christianity & Islam.

I couldn’t accept that my God could be less loving than I can be e.g. in the context of heaven and its counterpart – and that is why I’ve decided to put them aside on my path towards happiness.

So we have talked about two religions.

Now what about Buddhism or Hinduism?

First, I have to clarify what I’m referring to as Buddhism and Hinduism:

For me, any religions with statues of worship is disregarded.

But that’s only because I believe that God is above them all (and could just be All) and defining this figure would be like putting a limitation on the Creator.

What many people don’t know is that Buddhism and Hinduism has several (perhaps just two) sides to them.

One is idol worship.

Another side advocates the teaching of Oneness.

What Oneness implies is that everything that exists in this world is actually One and the same.

This means, even as you’re reading these texts out of your computer, you are still the computer and the computer is still you (denoting your true nature, not your character).

So is everything else which ever exists.

The way this can be understood is not by literally taking the words I’ve said above with a logical mind. You would have to understand them from a spiritual sense, following what’s described below.

Another direction which both these religions similarly point to is the concept of Consciousness.

How you could put Oneness and Consciousness together is perhaps by seeing the world in this way:

Everything is actually a play in motion happening at once, only being observed by Consciousness (which is referred to as God).

So even though we are two different individuals, you and I – we are in this context the same Consciousness, only being separated by some condition(s) in the play of Life.

In this case, one can assume that one is simply a character that lives, moves and thinks irregardless of one’s true Self, and that the Self is actually just God  –


In this case, the world can be considered perfect in every way.

Even though the character we assume as our Self experiences pains, peace, sufferings, happines or anything, it was actually already meant to be.

The world was created to function in the perfect way (according to God, not our minds) that it is.

As God, you’re really just observing how everything Is.

Of course, not everyone will understand this post at first glance.

Not even I fully understand what I just wrote.

All I know is that I’ve thought about this – and everything I wrote would be how I’d piece the picture of Life together right now if the concept of the Creator, God or Consciousness truly exists.

May this post be informative to you in any way.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. If you want to entertain yourself with questions, here’s one you can have fun with sometimes:

Ask yourself, “Where do ‘my’ thoughts come from?”

Some people will answer, “My mind, my brain, my _____ etc.”

Of course, those answers are mostly correct – when thought upon from the individual/character’s perspective.

But what if you are consciousness itself, only ever observing (or perhaps, maybe, sometimes, influence what thoughts would come up) the character which is called [your name] separately from all other beings that exists?

It’s interesting, huh?

For me, the answer then becomes: “Thoughts aren’t really ‘mine’ per se, but arises out of a field which exists to fulfill that which has always been made to happen.”

You’re rushing for work, you’re out of your door, you forgot your car keys.

Hm… why does the thought that you forgot your car keys appear now, and not before?

Did you, [your name], came up with the plan so it happens that way?

Are your thoughts ‘yours’ (the character’s), or are your thoughts out of someone else’s arrangements in perfect synchronicity?

Of course, this question is posed just for fun purposes.

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8 Comments on “#70 Religions and the Theory of Oneness”

  1. 1 Ali said at 11:38 pm on October 13th, 2015:

    Good points all around. Truly aptreciaped.

  2. 2 Victoria said at 10:42 am on November 15th, 2015:

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