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#74 Everything Now Makes Sense

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What is life?

Who created life?

Where did life come about?

It seems that the questions which have always been keeping my curious mind unsatisfied have finally been answered.

And now, I course through life in a more relieved way.

See, remember those moments when you can explain most of something – but not the other parts of it?

For example, like how science can describe to us the natural laws of the universe (e.g. gravity, growth, electric), but could never explain how they first exist?

Or how religions can explain why you’re living on earth, but can hardly give you a factual, convincing & down to earth answer when you ask about the purpose of being alive?

Well, I’m relieved.

Because now, perhaps I could stop being bothered by the countless of questions I have in my mind.

Previously, life has always remained a mystery that I could never figure out.

I’m not saying that now I’ve solved its mysteries, but at the least – I’ve found out how to live with them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

An answer that can merge together everything in life,

A hope for the living to grasp onto and
move forward with despite how difficult the circumstances are,

A path that suits those who are honest


If you have been following my blog for some time, you probably would’ve known some of the reasons why I’ve picked the path of nonduality.

By asking simple questions that point back to the source of all things, we could discover who the Creator really is.

As it is proven by science, all matter in the most fundamental form is created by the compression of energy.

Further investigation can show anyone that energy doesn’t have a defined shape or form – and appears out of nowhere.

Considering these points, one can only wonder how the whole world is actually kept together.

Something, someone, some force, has been allowing all the things in the world to work they way they do.

Although we see each other as separate entities, in the most fundamental scientific sense, we are energy that disappears and appears out of nowhere – the point that links all of us together.

That is why spiritual teachers have repeated that the world as we see it is an illusion.

An illusion convince us that it is true, absolutely true, if we didn’t see the truth behind it with our own eyes.

And this life you and I are living, everything that appears can convince you of its reality – but all of it would only remain illusionary, until you discover the source that made all of their existences possible.

On the path towards finding happiness and leaving pain behind, I’ve tried almost every illusionary way that can provide me with the relief I need.

In their places, I found impermanency.

I found ineffectiveness.

I found inconsistency.

I got tired.

And only when I let everything go, that the answer which had always stared straight into my eyes eventually materialize in my vision.

Ahh!!! After I’ve seen it, I breathed a sigh of relief, followed by one of the most satisfactory smiles I’ve ever expressed. So that is what it is.

Nonduality presented itself to me in such a sweet way, no other explanations about what life is could be sweeter to me at this time and age.

It describes that separation never really exists in the most fundamental sense.

There is no inside, and outside, of you.

You are all that is.

Everything that you see in the world that appears to be separate – they are actually just a play of motion functioning as the world has been directed to function.

You, as nothingness or the consciousness that is aware, was never just a small part of it, but all parts of it.

You could be aware of these words right now, because you are ever observing.

Life could appear to be painful instead of joyful, but as the director who’ve created the play, you were just there to see things from start to finish as you’ve planned it to be.

Seeing things from the point of view of just one mind, perhaps you could never understand life.

It’s like taking a tiny fragment out of a beautiful masterpiece.

The small piece could never paint everything that the big picture is able to convey.

But altogether, it makes sense.

Everything now makes sense.

Your thoughts, which continues to appear out of nothingness, nowhere, is the result of no particular person.

It does not belong to you, the one who has a name, who is seen by others today as a separate individual or figure.

Every idea, every action, every story that has ever arisen does not ever belong to a separate identity.

Rather, they all appear from a same place.


Call it consciousness, God, the Creator – it doesn’t matter.

Nonduality describes that everything happens in accordance to what is.

Therefore, there is no reason for any minds to worry.

For, who they are is making sure that the play is performed perfectly.

Once again, looking at the tiny fragment of the picture – the mind may struggle to be satisfied.

But seeing the big picture, nothing ever needs to be said.

It is all beautiful.

It is all perfect.

Being consciousness, the awareness of everything completes the show.

Nothing ever needs to be pushed, for it all happens despite control.

Nonduality describes that if you like this post, it’s not because you liked it.

Rather, it’s because the thought of liking this post arose within your mind.

The character’s mind whose name is [your name].

It’s a pretty fun perception of life isn’t it?

Puppets talking to other puppets about being a puppet.

All while the master who pulls the strings stays one and the same.

It’s the perfection in the creation of this world that made this illusionary world we live in seems so real.

If we can understand that, we can begin to receive better the understanding of nonduality.

In nonduality, God is perfect.

As is you, and everything in the world.

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6 Comments on “#74 Everything Now Makes Sense”

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