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#79 Never Give Up

Posted: March 8th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Life | 3 Comments »

Things were hectic for me these past few days.

I got into a long-drawn argument with one side of my parent.

One of those that some might perhaps regret over for a long time.

I know it is preventable. And as someone who preaches nonduality, my actions could even prove to be hypocritic. Isn’t everything perfect in its own way, so there shouldn’t be anything that I should fight against?

All I knew was, I was not going to be bound.

I was not going to stay patient anymore with circumstances pressuring me down.

Because I deserve to get real as well.

The problem is I have the intelligence to see through the problems in every situation.

I can identify what’s wrong, and what should be absolutely done in every moment.

Most of the times, people just chose to let the bad situations go.

Let them go as they are because, ‘we’ don’t want to mess things up.

‘We’ don’t want to be seen as the bad guys, the problem-makers, or the abnormal kind.

But as this character, I can not be satisfied seeing things worsen without doing anything to change it.

That’s why the arguments had to happen sometimes, all for a better future.


In the end, despite the ‘scars’ edged on my body as a result of my struggle in the journey of life, my heart will be alive because I’ve done what I truly deem as right.

I’m going to keep hanging on with my actions until things are headed in the direction where my eyes are set upon.

No matter what happens as a result, it is what it is.

What’s most important is only having myself walk the way that I truly want to walk on.


For the very last time –

I’ve decided to abandon formal university education.

And will continue to learn only what is practical for this real life.

In the end, I couldn’t turn a blind eye towards what is right and wrong for me.

To me on a battlefield, theories about swordfight will benefit one very little.

The practice of lifting up a sword to either save or kill on the otherhand, that’s far more valuable.

As such, I’m going to exchange my formal education with a career.

Even if it means that my future job prospects may be bleak.


Age 21 this year, I hereby swear myself off all imposterisation.

And would fight against all consequences to remain as much as possible a man of his truest intent.

Fighting in this case, then prove not to be against my own teachings of not struggling after all.

For I feel so much freer as a result.

Especially when compared to one whose genuine expressions are buried by the emotional & psychological baggages that he/she gathered in life – never able to break free, because nothing was ever done to change the circumstances.

For happiness, the fight for one’s own freedom is crucial.

And I will never give up.

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3 Comments on “#79 Never Give Up”

  1. 1 Josh said at 10:31 am on March 10th, 2010:

    I found your site somewhat randomly and I’m not sure who you are but your words are powerful and I thank you for sharing them. As for formal education, I think your instincts are good. I got a few degrees and plenty of debt but my greatest learning had very little to do with traditional schooling. Had I been more self aware I’d have chosen differently. Still, all things have there purpose. Best of luck to you!

  2. 2 Him said at 5:56 am on March 11th, 2010:

    Thanks Josh. The fact is I didn’t get the point myself as well in the beginning. I left once, and then returned. And it wasn’t until something major happened in my life that I’ve decided to stop once and for all. If you had spent the time and money for the degree – I think it’s not all for nothing. Because through the process, you have trained yourself in discipline greatly. The proof lies in you graduating. You’re right, it seems that all things have their purpose. Best of luck to you as well.

  3. 3 Rolf said at 11:22 pm on October 13th, 2015:

    A good many vaulbales you’ve given me.

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