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#89 An Inspired and Inspiring Life, by Clyde E. Gumbs

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An Inspired and Inspiring Life is Not a Better Life
By Clyde E. Gumbs

Moment after moment and day after day people experience life. If you ask them what they seek they may say many things. Although there may be some people who say they are content with themselves and their lives just the way they are, most people will tell you they seek to be a better person with a better life. If only they were more intelligent, more knowledgeable, more attractive, more physically fit, healthier, more skillful and more focused. If only they had more money, more status, a better home, better cars, and all of the best stuff of life.

They may believe that the way to the “promised land” requires devotion to being good, better, right and positive as contrasted with being bad, worse, wrong and negative. This reflects the common societal view of life through the contexts of good versus bad, better versus worse, right versus wrong, and positive versus negative. They may believe that they are more good, more right, more positive and better than they were in the past. They may also believe that there are more good things, more of the right things, more positive things and better things in their lives than there were in the past.

Unfortunately, despite what appears to be demonstrable improvement, they find that either they never quite accomplish what they seek or that when they accomplish what they sought it wasn’t as fulfilling as they had expected. Naturally this can be a very frustrating, disappointing and uninspiring experience.

What if people gave up their quests for better lives? What if people gave up their quests to be better people? What if people merely sought to live the lives they were born to live? What if people merely sought to be the people they were born to be? What if people were born for inspired and inspiring purposes? What if people were born to live inspired and inspiring lives? What if the opportunity of a person’s life was to evolve in fulfillment of the purposes they were born for? What if all this took was a new level of awareness?


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