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#92 The Passionate Professional, by Clyde E. Gumbs

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(When asked whether he’s watched his movie “Public Enemies” by David Letterman, Johnny Depp answered that he doesn’t watch his own movies. Johnny would act on a scene, finish his job, and walk away from it. Yes, that includes Pirates of Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, etc. Chances are if you’re reading this right now, you’d probably be surprised. Here’s one of the greatest actors of all time, one whom people go to the cinemas for, and he never watched his own movies. Why?

My guess is, great people like Johnny mostly don’t do things because of mental concepts conditioned from the outside. He doesn’t care how he was perceived on the surface – he was only interested in acting to his best, expressing himself as a character to the fullest, and being genuine. More can be learned about how great people are great, the poem below for example can be invaluable in that sense to the reader who can read between the lines.)


The Passionate Professional
By Clyde E. Gumbs

Born into a world
With expectations ready-made
A culture and society
Where I am told to make the grade

To have a good and worthy life
Is what I’m always told to seek
Find good work and a vocation
Is what I always hear them speak

But what is the point of work in life
How can I know what I should choose
What can I now profess to be
Where in the end I will not lose

Get good education and good training
Protect my status in all ways
Money I make also important
I hear these things so many days

Focus on benefits some will tell me
And all the perks offered to some
Focus on how I feel about my tasks
So days can be easy as they come

Others may say work is a sacrifice
A burden I am compelled to bear
It’s what I must do in life to make it
Whether or not I feel it’s fair

Some say it’s about my natural aptitude
And the good things that I can do
Some say it’s about what I have studied
And what I did and what I knew

But none of this can really help me
As through the wilderness I roam
At best it offers hopeless hope
But can never really get me home

But I was not born for validation
Or for what my ego says I need
I was not born to prove I’m worthy
I was not born to live in greed

I was not born to live from fear
Or to prove that I can survive
Not born for what is hard or easy
Or to be flattered while alive

I was born for blessed purpose
Reflected in all I do and be
I was born to fulfill purpose
I was born to fulfill destiny

I was born to be inspired
Blessing all alive and yet to be
An instrumentality of purpose
A gift to all humanity

I was born to profess passion
Inspired passion plain to see
Born to contribute all I am
Born to be merely what is me

I was born for self-expression
Not just to make it and survive
I was born for contribution
Merely because I am alive

I am inspired talents and intentions
Divine gifts designed to flow through me
The conduit for eternal blessings
The Passionate Professional that is me


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