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#94 Robert Adams on ‘You’

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After reading this piece, I thought, “Might as well.”

See conscious spirituality/non-duality has always taught similar things.

Sometimes, they are expressed differently, other times the same.

After reading this article, I thought, “Might as well – it is expressed to the extreme, in a way that may not be accepted by most people’s minds. But considering how it can alter a person’s state for the better in certain situations (interpret the piece however you want), I’m sharing it here.”

Some of you after reading will think, “Hey I got something out of this.”

While others, “Man, this is over the top.”

I think either way is fine.

Seen through spiritual spectacles, this is great.

Seen through a materialistic pair, and this may seem mad.

Question is, is there a correctness that stands between them?



Author: Robert Adams

Think of the things that have happened to you in your life now. You appear to be getting older and older. Things come into your life, as it appears. You try to exchange wrong for right, good for bad. Yet you refuse to acknowledge that this too is a dream. You want to continue playing the game. You want to play hide and seek by believing there is a God somewhere, and if you find this God, all your problems will be over. So you keep searching.

You can never find your reality by searching.

Reality is where it’s always been, right where you are at this moment. It is you.

There is not reality and you. You are not in the body of God; God is not in you. For there is no you. There is no body. There is no God. You are perfect pure awareness just as you are now.

There is really no thing you have to do. You simply have to wake up. Why will you not awaken now? Even while I’m talking to you, many of you are thinking, thinking, thinking. Can’t you see by now, that this is what is holding you back from your freedom, from your bliss, from your joy? It is your thoughts.

Where did your thoughts come from? They really didn’t come from anywhere, for they do not even exist. Yet unfortunately most of us believe that thoughts exist, for we are bombarded by them day and night.

So sages come along and invent methods, means, in order to obliterate the thoughts. Meditation was invented for that purpose. Self-enquiry, all of these yogic exercises, pranayama, mantras, kriya, they’re really used to stop your thoughts from blossoming, to keep your mind from thinking.. All of these procedures are to make your mind quiescent, quiet, still. If you’re able to do this without the methods, then you would be realized. You would be your self. You would be liberated. But you refuse to do this. You want a teacher to give you methods to wake you up.

But I say to you, wake up now. Awake. The methods will keep you back because you get stuck with the methods. But it makes no difference what I say. You are still going to identify with the world, with conditions, with your body, with your mind. We therefore have to think of a way, the quickest way for you to awaken. Of all the methods I, know, self-enquiry is the fastest if you are mature enough to be able to handle it. You begin to understand that the I is only a thought; it is an idea called the I-thought. It is the I-thought that dominates your existence. True?

How many times have you said “I” today? “I” am going to hear Robert. “I” am going to eat breakfast. “I” am going to take a nap. “I” don’t think I feel too good. “I” feel great. “I” need this. “I” need that. The first person pronoun I, dominates your entire existence.

Yet it has been known by Sages, if you were only able to annihilate the I, destroy it, kill it, you would be free. The I is attached to all of your thoughts. Therefore, begin to follow the I to its source. I have to tell you in truth and in reality, there is no I and there is no source, but you will not believe me. You want to play with I. You therefore follow the I to the Source, and when the I has been dissolved into the source, you become free.

You do this of course by enquiring “to whom do these thoughts come?” Or, whatever is disturbing you, you enquire “to whom do they come? Who is experiencing this? Who is going through this? Who thinks they are human? Who feels depressed? Who feels discouraged? Who feels there is a difference between birth and death? – I do.” Can’t you see now, that if you get rid of the I, all those feelings, depression, and worry would disappear?

So you ask, “Who am I? Where did this I come from?” You never answer that question. When thoughts come to you, you enquire “To whom do they come? To me? I think these thoughts. Who am I?” You do not answer. As you continue to do this process, you find that your mind is becoming quieter and quieter. The confusion stops. You begin to feel happier and happier. You are no longer reacting to person, place or thing. You become spontaneous in everything you do.

You live in the now, but you’re not doing that. It’s doing you. In other words you have not decided, “I’m going to be spontaneous from now on. I’m going to live in the now.” As you are aware, how many times have you tried that without avail? You can’t make up your mind that you’re going to be spiritual, that you’re going to be consciousness, that you are absolute reality. How many times have you tried to do that, and the first thing that comes into your life, you become upset? You react. Something bothers you. Or something good comes into your life and you become elated. You react in a positive way. They’re both impostors.

Remember you’re not trying to change bad into good. You want to transcend everything, and become absolutely free. See how you’re thinking? Your mind won’t stay still, will it? Whose mind is it that won’t stay still? Do you really have a mind? Are you the mind? Who told you this? There is no mind, there is no body, there are no thoughts. Accept this if you want to. All it can do for you, is liberate you. We listen to the birds, we see the beautiful trees. Who sees? Who listens? Why, I do. You’re caught in the trap again. For many of you believe, if I behold the beauty of the world, that’s good. It’s better than beholding death, I suppose.

But the world is an illusion. It is not real. The so called beauty is here today and gone tomorrow. Change is the only permanent thing of the relative world. Everything changes continuously.

Therefore as you go through the vicissitudes of life, and you get rid of your dogmatic thinking, you open your heart, you begin to feel something different. You begin to loosen up.

The first thing to understand is that everything that has transpired in your life has been necessary. No matter how it looks. No matter what has happened. Everything has been necessary.

The second thing to understand is, everything has been preordained. In other words, everything was supposed to happen the way it happened. There were no mistakes.

The third thing to understand is that the first two things are a pack of lies. For these things don’t even exist in reality. Everything is preordained, as long as you believe you are the body. Everything is karmic, as long as you identify with the world and believe you are the doer.

(Him: Watched the movie “Inception” by Christopher Nolan? Perhaps this piece can appear more understandable if you connect the subject of ‘I’ to a dream main character. As real as the dream character is to you, it is just a dream character. It doesn’t exist. We think the characters have a body, mind, emotions and can be happy, sad, fearful, etc. but they really are just played out automatically in a dream. It seems like it has a sense of ‘I’ to its body.  But does it really own that ‘I’? Or is it played out somewhere else?)


“Give up defining yourself – to yourself or to others. You won’t die. You will come to life. And don’t be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it’s their problem. Whenever you interact with people, don’t be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious Presence. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.”
– Eckhart Tolle, from A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

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