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#95 Life Without Worries

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It is easy.

You basically live without having to put effort into worrying.

Instead, you stay at peace with it.

Perhaps not even at peace. You just live. Without focusing your energy into overthinking thoughts that create negative feelings.

In the past few months, I learned yet a lot more lessons about being a human.

Through making mistakes, through experiencing bad feelings constantly, through the comfort of friends and family, I was finally able to take another step in living life better.

Sometimes, I wonder how much of life I have picked up on the way, instead of being taught of them properly on my way growing up.

I lacked knowledge and real life encounters.

Partly because I was brought up in a purely Christian family, and have been conditioned with thoughts of not being too involved with the world.

This caused me to turn into a very bland, devout person, who gets nothing he wants, and gets in the way of having the things he wants.

Trust me, life turns out much better when we can enter it with an opened mind.

After all, how much of what we truly believe, is real?

Concepts fall and shatter away with the slightest of shaking from reality.

Ideas prove themselves to carry much less weight as they are experimented for effectiveness in the real world.

Thoughts turn out to be fleeting nothingness that happens only within one self.

I eventually learned how important it is to be grounded with the real world.

It helps one to see the world for what it truly is.

It lets you see reality, clearly.

And of course, all of us appreciate a real diamond more than a plastic one duplicated after the real one in essence after all, don’t we?

So many of times, we worry so much about something we’ve done, we haven’t done, or will do.

But until they do happen, none of those images or feelings we conjure in the mind means anything.

In fact, as we embrace life with a more positive attitude – it not only affects us well, its infectious quality pulls others into a better place as well.

I have to admit, I kept holding on to worries because I thought they’d help me in life.

But as I grow to learn from experiences, they do more harm than good.

And you can measure their effects distinctly from how it changes your interaction with people, your affect on reality, and almost every avenue of your life literally.

It does a lot more harm than good – perhaps I could go as far as to say they do only harm.

Worry exists in us for good reasons, to prevent us from making mistakes that’ll harm us.

But as we mature, there is little reason in having to keep them within our minds.

It’s like taking off your leg from the brakes as you accelerate.

There is no point to press on the brakes when you know there isĀ  a straight road to drive and you can maneuver through them.

If you can’t, practicing with a calm mind than a scared, worried or fearful one surely does help more as well, doesn’t it?

A life without grasping to worries can propel a human being to great heights.

Especially when one has strong, positive & considerate goals to aim for.

As we understand this, many more problems that exist day to day can also shy away by themselves.

I realized life leads a plot of its own with every each of our lives.

As much as we want to control it, put it into a rigid grasp, when the time comes nothing we do actually makes much difference.

Life happens anyway.

I don’t mean to advocate irresponsibility.

The main message here is, we could always live life without worries.

And this way of life can enhance our quality of experience a lot more.

It could make us much happier in general.

Then all that needs to take place, is our honesty, our genuine expressions, and our effort in making things better.

It can be done.

Why not start now and see what differences it makes?

What’s done is done.

What needs to be done now can be done now.

What you’re going to do in the future is of no relations to your worries right now, if you can make as much good decisions as you can now.

Make goals for the future.

Live in the now.

Let life happen.

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