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#97 Will Smith, on Representing an Idea, Not Icon

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Ladies & gentlemen, Will Smith:

When a person finds something he truly believes in, sometimes it is so immense, so vast, so expansive, that it can hardly be put into complete words.

It is only unfortunate that most people have never delved into this strong level of intensity before. If they do, work in general will be inspiring, exciting, and anticipated. Life in general would be filled with passion, love and exceptionality.

Why don’t they?

There are three reasons: Fear, Selfishness & Ignorance.

They fear how great they would become, and in return how big their responsibilities would be. They are selfish, so they control others and dim down the lights in people’s passion to fulfill their own agendas. They are ignorant, as pain has never taught them lessons on appreciating life the way it should be appreciated.

The ones who are aware pushed through despite these obstacles, because they know there is a worthy cause in what they’re doing.

Eventually their actions shined through the surface of people’s eyes, and successfully touched the minds, hearts and blood in people with their passion.

Where can we learn more about this?

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