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#98 Excerpt from “Beyond the Separate Self” – by Colin Drake

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(Him: Many contents I post on this blog contradict with each other. Two posts before, I promoted a passion to live life with more effort towards the good. On this post, as you’ll soon find out – the article promotes the idea that there is nothing to actively ‘do’. So where do I stand really? My answer: Where I’m supposed to.  In life, I adapt to different situations with different actions & perceptions. Where is the fine line? It’s your call.

As people say, find the balance. The only thing they didn’t say is that the balance has to be entirely, equally spread, because that’d be pretty unproductive for many. When I devote just enough time, attention or effort to each part of my life that my entire life heightens in positivity, that’s where the balance is for me. The same applies to learning. I keep an open mind and learn what I observe is able to make me a better person. What doesn’t contribute to my wellbeing, I either lay it far away or turn it into a positive source of wisdom regardless.

This article below describes who we are is more than the separate identities we think we are. It talks about how everything is an illusion. But look – if you are an illusion person, and you disturb an illusion dog, you’ll still experience an illusion bite. So just understand what the article is talking about. And allow that understanding to be with you. There is no need to force that understanding into your daily life. I guess the point is when we can grasp what this article is trying to express, life will just be lighter in general. May you find it to be a pretty cool piece to read.)

On “This” and “That”

‘That which you already are, pure awareness’ – Sogyal Rinpoche

‘Awareness of awareness – the first factor of enlightenment’ – The Buddha

‘Effortless Choiceless Awareness is our Real State’ – Sri Ramana Maharshi

Overcome fear… by seeing what’s Here!

Let go of all fear and anxiety, for awareness is always present as you are effortlessly, and choicelessly, aware of your thoughts and sensations. This awareness is a constant subjective presence, whereas these thoughts and sensations (mind/body) are ephemeral objects coming and going within this awareness. Therefore this awareness is the deepest level of our being, the unchanging presence that we intuitively feel we are, and have always been, that which has never been absent and has witnessed the pantomime of our lives. This very awareness, the home which we have never left, and can in fact never leave, is the very peace and security that we seek.

Forget about church… Just give up the search!

To enjoy this peace and absolute security we do not need any dogma, belief systems, rituals or practices. All that is necessary is to abandon the external search for this. We must stop ‘seeking for love in all the wrong places’; just recognize, and totally relax into, that pure awareness that we already are.

No need for a prayer mat… Already you are That!

For this to occur there is no need to appeal to any external ‘deity’, for this awareness is itself the ‘hidden treasure’, the Absolute Reality lauded by all religions, and is always present at the deeper (and surface) level of our being. At the deeper level as That in which thoughts/sensations (mind/body) appear/disappear, come and go, arise and subside; and at the surface level as this very awareness of these thoughts/sensations.

No Me, No you! There’s nothing to do…

In reality there is no separate individual entity (me or you) we are both just expressions of the same pure awareness, and there’s nothing we need to do to achieve enlightenment as we are already ‘That’, i.e. awareness is already present.

Nobody, No mind! There’s nothing to find…

There is, in reality, nobody, i.e. separate individual; and no entity called the mind which is just a flow of ephemeral thoughts and images. There is also nothing to find in that we cannot lose that pure awareness that, in essence, we always are; we just need to stop overlooking this.

No effort, No sweat! There’s nothing to get…

There is no need to make any effort to achieve enlightenment, just stop and turn your attention to that pure awareness that you already are. You cannot ‘get’ this as you already ‘are’ this!

Wow! There’s only Now…

In reality there is always only now as the past has already gone and the future is yet to be. If you see ‘what is’ in the ‘now’ with no reference to past (including acquired knowledge or imaginary ‘individual self’) or future, then everything seems much more vivid and alive (Wow!) than when filtered through the mind and its opinions, judgments, attitudes and ‘knowledge’.

Cheer! There’s only Here…

Also you are always ‘Here’, at any given moment, and can only see ‘what is’ here (and now). What you think is going on anywhere else is only speculation, which will take you away from the direct experience of ‘here and now’.

How? Just Here and Now!

How to be ‘enlightened’ (i.e. unburdened) and at peace? Just be totally here in the present moment and see ‘what is’ (here and now) with no reference to the past, future, mind, or what might be happening anywhere else.

Just This! That’s Bliss….

This seeing ‘what is’ with a still mind, from pure awareness, is Bliss. The other name for Brahman (The Absolute) is Satchitananda which can be translated as: ‘What is’, the awareness of ‘What is’, the Bliss of the awareness of ‘What is’.

Just Cease! That’s Peace…

Just cease identifying with the mind (and all of its activity to get anywhere, or attain anything) and the result is instant peace.

Just Being! That’s freeing…….

Just ‘Being’ moment to moment , with no reference to past/future or any illusory separate ‘self’, is in itself totally freeing…

Accept what is … Then feel the kiss!

Always accept ‘what is’ at the present moment with no resistance and life becomes more enjoyable as the mind stills. This does not mean that we cannot plan to change things, only that we need to accept ‘what is Now’ as it is already here and therefore cannot be changed. This lack of resistance liberates tremendous energy, and relaxation, allowing us to ‘feel the kiss’, and wonder, of Reality.

Live life with no ‘story’… Then all reveals its glory!

If you live life with no personal ‘story’ then the mind stills and everything in manifestation appears more vivid and alive, i.e. more glorious…

Each moment is enough… The end of all (mind) Stuff!

If you check you will find that Pure Awareness never needs anything to change and is complete whatever is happening. In this ‘each moment is enough’ and no mind activity is necessary to change, or seek for, anything.

This is an amended and expanded version of chapter six from Beyond the Separate Self which aims to provide a framework for direct investigation of our moment-to-moment experience. When fully accomplished this reveals that we truly are ‘pure awareness’ at the deepest level of our being. The book is available at:

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One Comment on “#98 Excerpt from “Beyond the Separate Self” – by Colin Drake”

  1. 1 John browne said at 10:07 pm on December 9th, 2014:

    Very good. Please discuss pain and suffering for those that have lost a child to mindless violence. Unlike the daily pain and suffering we all experience from misidentification of self as mind instead of awareness, this can be very difficult to accept. The violent loss of a child can crush the most “enlightened” person from moment to moment. Please help those with this burden.

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