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#104 Nonduality & Reality

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I recently received a question from a nonduality believer.

Nonduality believers believe everything is one in this world, that nothing is separate, and there is no you and me.

Not as an idea, concept or philosophy – but as the truth.

Yes, some of the Hinduism or Buddhism crowds do adopt the same thinking as well.

The only difference is nonduality came about from a philosophical standpoint – through a method of self enquiry, questions that prompt one to answer who one truly is, what is real/not and so on.

So I read some of the things several of them talk about, and decided I had to oppose – since from a logical point of view, I don’t agree with some of the things they say.

Note: I believe in the idea of nonduality, not the spiritual sense of it as supported by Hinduism or Buddhism believers.

Here is a response in return to a question I was asked:

“What occured to excite your passion for society?” – After I opposed the group by stating their fully invested belief in nonduality as a ‘spiritual believer’ is delusional, can be harmful to the world, and I reasonably represent the society in whole: citizens of different countries, people of different hierarchies, humans of different races when I say that because one has to be open-minded enough to include everyone’s way of thinking, before one could decide that one’s idea is the absolute.

They are hung up on the concept that real life is an idea, and that the everyday truth is we are not different individuals, but just that – the same awareness.


The nature of your question alone is worth investigating.

Those who are aware of nonduality will not have to ask
another of what one thinks cause you’re non-dual in the
first place isn’t it?

And if you don’t have a passion for society, you’re
passionate for only yourself? – such is the behaviour
of most spiritual believers.

They take a teaching and make God of it, when the
real lesson is to serve people better in all sense.

My passion isn’t for society.

It is for free society – for truth, happiness and choice.

This is hard when the cycle continues where spiritual
believers impose unconscious ideas on others, creating
a situation like other religions have – which cannot be fully
proven and is only based on mere perceptions or belief.

Not reality.

Labels are easy to attach.

Truth isn’t.

By altering truth, one doesn’t change the truth.

By naming an idea truth, one still doesn’t make it one.

Not unless by universal nature, we can accept it fully by
means of observation and proof.

Spiritual teachers of the Hindhu and Buddhism religions
often scold their followers when they try to seek truth
out of what they were told.

They say, stop thinking and just accept it.

Followers tend to have a weaker mind, thus easily
receiving what they were told.

The spiritual sensation they experience eventually comes
from a relieve of stress, of their mental attachments –

But that solves only the way of thinking, not the problem itself.

People who put an end to life at the “spiritual sensation”,
or at the thinking part, are thus stuck in a delusion where
they can perceive things differently in almost everything
they see.

This brainwashing can be easily done by anyone with
authority, rendering the world unequal, and repeats the
cycle of mind control, where real problems cannot be
solved because people are stuck in their heads, and
not aware of what IS on the outside.

The reason for my ‘objection’ raised in this thread –

Is to remind readers that the means is not the end.

Believing that it is still doesn’t make it the end.

Maybe it could to one who believes it fully in perception,
but when the story ends, only a lie was lived – and chances
are this would result in nothing but pain.

What kinds of pain?

1.) A general dissatisfaction with life whether in health,
wealth or relationship

2.) A feeling of waste, of doing nothing worthy or useful
in the world

3.) A sadness that is too late to be exchanged for the better

Life has to be lived through a genuine way.

Most people run from it because they are either
lazy, they fear society as it is today (all the more
the reason for people to be aware, so we can actually
improve upon things), or they have a negative hate
for something in life – and instead of coming off on
top of it, they deceive themselves of the challenge
and avoid it as long as they can.

So to the person concerned:

I embrace society because it is part of what IS.

Because I prefer to accept the world as a whole
instead of filtering things off based on my internal
beliefs and perceptions.

Life is best lived when it is genuine.

Not deluded.

I stand passionate for a life lived from an open
view on life – unfiltered by thoughts, ideas or

That is when our heart’s true feelings can be
fully expressed.

And when we will feel most ‘spiritual’ despite
the outcomes in life because when can do that,
we are most connected and is most one.

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