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#105 The UFO Case of Anthony Woods

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A friend of mine recently wrote on Facebook that she saw a red light passed by at an unusual high speed in the sky near her area.

She was determined that it was a UFO. Here’s a 20-yr old lady brought up in a good family, well educated, has a healthy social circle and she could make sense that the object which flew past in the sky was just not normal. Times are changing, people are beginning to be able to openly talk about things which were in the past deemed ‘psychotic’ – even when the facts supporting the subject is vast.

Her action piqued my interest into searching for some of the latest videos uploaded on YouTube regarding UFOs.

Needless to say – there were lots of them. Documentaries, clips of reports & incidents, arguments, interviews, presentations, there were resources sufficient to convince just any kind of people to believe that there are intelligences that are not from within earth. One only needs to be open-minded enough to spend time watching the videos to learn all one needs to know about this topic.

I always secretly have an invested interest in topics like these. Main reason? I like to unravel truths and history that humans have yet to discover, or have been forcibly hidden away from by certain authorities. That’s how my curiosity works – I perceive that new information provides new avenues of solutions to problems we couldn’t solve in the past. If we can leverage on them with a positive intention, many good things can take place.

I mean, can you imagine what would happen if we knew that humans aren’t the only beings in this entire universe with conscious will & intelligence? How would we live life differently given this understanding? We have been fighting ourselves in many ways, sometimes for matters so small they seem pitiful when seen from a higher perspective. If we knew that we are not alone in this universe, can you imagine how much more willingness people would have in caring and loving for each other? We’d be much closer as one family despite our physical, cultural or social differences.

So good information or knowledge is worth being shared.

There are many more ‘intense’ videos on the subject of UFOs and extra-terrestrials at YouTube. Documentaries up to hours long, interviews that comprise of people with credible status, home-video shots of live events, you name it. But the video I’m going to share with you here will be much more ‘gentle’ in tone instead – to make it an easier watch for people who are still skeptics on this topic.

Here’s a description of the video:

“For the past few years Anthony Woods has somehow recorded videos about UFOs on a scale unprecedented in history. Over one year in the making, this program tells the remarkable story of his efforts to record some of the most extraordinary UFO footage ever seen.”

What’s interesting about Anthony Woods is that he’s the man with the most self-captured videos on UFOs. And on top of that, the videos he had taken were also much more credible than most videos that exist because of their clarity, and time recorded (daylight). He had captured some of the clearest videos involving UFOs that seemingly defy the laws of physics, and also incidents that irrevocably proof their existences in terms of their arrival in fleets.

Here is the video – hope you’ll find it interesting:

Additional Videos:

Words from Former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer on the same subject:

CNN reporting declassified UFO national archives by the UK Government on February 2010:

For those who’re interested, the latest declassified UK Government UFO files/documents can be found here:

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