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#119 What Life is About

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(Him: Here’s a reply I’ve given to someone who mentioned that after learning to be in the Now, the present moment, of being nondual, he finds it hard to get things done. As in, because he is so present, his mind isn’t focused when doing something like studying because he isn’t motivated by a future reason. He felt as if time has lost its meaning, so he isn’t making the best use of it. He then proceeded to ask whether there’s any way he can feel ‘separate’ from the now again, to have a body and mind and time. This is understandable, because famous books on the “Now” subject e.g. Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle sometimes indicate that these disappear when one is emerged fully in the present moment. Of course, no one is ever wrong in these kinds of circumstances. Because the one who’s really wrong is the context. Different contexts lead to different purposes and endings. And through my reply below, I try to answer his question as straight as my heart feels is right.)

Let go…

The fullest let go is nonduality isn’t it.

In that state you neither not do or do, but follow life.

For me, the only benefit of understanding nonduality in its fullest just lets me know that I’m supposed to embrace more of life.

This means, not avoiding truth, not ignoring truth, or not preventing ourselves from being happy and at peace.

When someone holds the thought “now, now, now” all the time, one’s being attached to something, as it is the same with being attached to fame, glory, money, etc.

Rather, we live genuinely, with heart, with care, to honor our parents, and to keep our family harmonious.

Note that family here, doesn’t just apply to our blood related bonds, or close friends.

But everyone out there.

To see a cleaner, and to smile at her. To thank a maid. To do what you’ve always thought is nice to do but was shy to do it.

Making nonduality another spiritual teaching is like subscribing to a new TV channel.

But life doesn’t just happen inside the TV.

It happens out and about it.

It happens all the time, everywhere.

As the Shaolin teaching goes, “Follow fate your whole life”.

This is without making fate another concept to grasp, but an advice to give yourself when you need to remind yourself of not attaching yourself to something, and instead choose to always let go and be forgiving in times of pleasure or disappointment.

As another Chinese saying goes, “When a family is harmonious, everything one does prospers.” You see, this¬†quote doesn’t flower when it is just made to be an advice to heed, but when it is made a devotion, a devotion to honor our parents with utmost gratitude, and to treat others as though they’re part of the family – because when your family (your heart) isn’t harmonious, many things you do will usually fail.¬†When the above is practiced well, one will realize that his/her own actions tend to give more happiness to him/herself.

And as strange as it seems, life will tend to get better as well – yes, even in the material sense of the word.

One’s life won’t necessarily prosper after studying nonduality. Rather, the main purpose of the teaching is to allow one to see life through a more real, more full, more genuine perception of the world. As a result of this seeing, one can then improve him or herself through practical reasons, and become better people.

Trying not to become a person may be another attachment.

For me, being in the now just means this, and this only –

Being appreciative.

When we can appreciate something to the fullest, anything we appreciate can be looked at as God, or the movement of God.

The funny thing is most of us in the world just don’t choose to appreciate everything, and so that amazing something/feeling subsides from everything.

Harmonious family, appreciation, being a good person.

I think putting our minds on those three things are better than grasping on an idea that leads nowhere – a direction it didn’t mean to point you to in the first place.

Hope that helps.


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