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#122 Be Who I Am, Or Be Who I Should Be?

Posted: March 5th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Life | 2 Comments »

Life is funny.

One moment you think you’re fine and feeling okay, the next moment something happens and all your mind & body’s energy is focused on it and you’re drained from morning to night trying to figure out how to do what’s right.

Anyone get what I’m talking about?

This is an article I’m writing to advise myself about what to do in the event the above happens. I hope as you read what will be written here, you’ll learn something valuable to benefit yourself too.

So recently, I’ve engaged myself with an insurance savings company.

As much as I’d like to think I’m free of attachments and can ease into the world comfortably, sometimes the world forces one to entertain its mirage of plays and makes one strive in order to achieve what he or she wants.

I realized that with all that we’ve learned in this world, we’ll still be bound to meet with the paradoxes of choice some time in our lives.

In my case, the paradox is whether to:

1.) Be a truly genuine & empathetic person even while going about doing sales, and

2.) Be an aggresive & goal-oriented salesman while going about doing sales.

Why can these two situations above cause a spear-shield situation (There’s a story about this man going about a marketplace. As he was coursing through the crowds, he saw a salesman holding a spear up high in the air exclaiming: “I have the best spear in the world, it can pierce through anything!” A moment later, he withdrawn a shield and proudly exclaimed: “I also have the best shield in the world, there’s nothing that can ever penetrate it!” Seeing this, the man walked over to the salesman and asked: “So if you use the spear that can pierce anything to strike the shield that nothing can penetrate through, what will happen?” That’s the spear-shield situation.)?

In #1, I can be who I am.

In #2, I should be who I should be.

I believe many people in the world today are facing with a similar problem.

The question is:

“What should we do in this kind of situation?”

I’m afraid I have no fully satisfactory answer to this question myself, other than these two words which have just arisen out of my mind, two words I’ve learned from the teachings of great philosophers & teachers which I believe can most closely gratify this situation today:

Just be.”

The above can be a very amazing reminder if we can fully appreciate its intended meaning through slow appreciation for each of its two words.

Their goal is to let one merge with the Process, instead of the events that either happened in the past or will happen in the future.

Their purpose is to allow you to be who you are, and be who you should be.

As many of the world’s most successful people have affirmed, their greatest feelings of success & achievements actually come from the process of their working through the highs and lows, after all.

In any given circumstance, sometimes we want to make choices that contribute towards the wellbeing of our lives.

Therefore, we may plan for the future, and base much of our plans to avoid possible pains or to pursue after satisfactory pleasure through our memories & experiences from the past.

However, most of the time a lot of different efforts are involved to execute our plans.

Some of those efforts involve doing things we don’t want to do, don’t like to do, or simply have no interest in doing, e.g. being pushy as a salesperson, asking for another’s money & etc.

So with these two words, we can remind ourselves to do what is most right when different situations arise, without letting the “Mind Chatter” in our brains drag us in the wrong way.

As we know, this “Mind Chatter” within our brains more often than not only causes us trouble & misfortune.

If we allow it to drag us with it, who knows what kinds of stupid things more of us will do.

The words “Just be” can bring our consciousness back from being wallowed in the shadow of thoughts and let one do more of the right things.

Whether your goal is to be genuine, to be fluent in the execution of an action or to be successful at accomplishing a goal, these two words can allow you to be fully versatile & moldable throughout every second of the minute to manifest your ideal more comfortably.

So with these lessons shared, it’s time to apply what we know in our daily lives.

After all, nothing happens unless we take that picture in our brain and paint it out on the outside world.

Just be.