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#125 Bacterias control our thoughts? Free will isn’t as free as we think

Posted: May 11th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Life | 9 Comments »

Video description:

90% of our body is made of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi…. 100 trillions of them! And each of these “living entities” has a clear evolutionary agenda. New research prove that bacterias in our guts “can” control our thoughts…

“Your honor, it was not me… The bug made me do it!”…and we know that there is a parasite that can “convince” a rat to stop being afraid of cats so that he can reproduce itself…

We should start considering our body not as a separate, unified, entity but a living conglomerate of decision making creatures with, at times, contrasting evolutionary needs…

This video was inspired by an article written by Christopher Koch on the May 2011 issue of Scientific American.

Even the smallest of things in our body, supposedly separate from our original physical composition can cause us to think in different ways.

So really, how much of what we think is decided by our own minds, our individual consciousness, or our ‘free will’?

Although it sounds ridiculous, but if bacterias play a part in influencing our thought patterns, it just means that our whole lives are just formed of ridiculous interpretations of who we think we are.

I mean, who’d like to admit their actions were the work of bacterias floating within their guts?


If we can make peace with that, perhaps we can push ourselves further to move in the direction of caring, loving and accepting others more.

After all, we aren’t that conscious as we think we are, and pushing ourselves towards that direction is something we can urge ourselves into doing to ensure greater happiness as a whole, can’t we?