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#132 Being Fair & the Sincere Appreciation for Life

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There’s a balance in life. They say when you’ve found the balance is when you’re going to enjoy life the best. But really, this balance doesn’t come from what you do or have on the outside. It’s more from the way we see things.

I’ve learned from a great friend to emphasize being fair in the objective instead of subjective when it comes to making tougher decisions, and know the actual purpose for our actions. We can try hard to do what we do, but if we already know that we’ll be serious for situations that call for it, we can keep away the tense facade and allow life to take a more courteous, if not elegant appearance.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t have fire in our hearts. It just means that we direct the flame in the right directions. Usually, life tends to show better manners as we keep things fair and remember the real reason in why we work so hard in having a better life. It’s all done for the sincere appreciation of living. While we can do that, why not allow it?

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