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#135 Live Happy

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It’s been some time since I’ve actually had the desire to write.

Why? Because I’m personally learning life all over again.

When I started this blog, I had in my mind all intentions to discover the truths about life and live everyday sticking to them.

But what I eventually realized is, there is really no one particular way to live in order to be happy.

In fact, if you want to live happily, it’s better to choose to live as many ways as you can embrace throughout the day!

It’s more like this:

The moment you think you’ve learned the greatest about something, that you’ve reached an end of the road on a particular path, life would hit you in the butt and point your eyes in another direction. When you look in the new direction, you find out that it’s a much more, progressive path, and you go “Aahhh… that’s the way” – but the thing is, once you seem to reach the end of that path, life hits you once again in your butt and shows you what you’ve actually missed on the previous path, making you scratch your head, wondering what it is you’ve actually learned. New directions, new paths, new discoveries.

Usually, what we’ll actually learn is to just live.

Yep, all these ideas, concepts, bla… bla… they’ll all just serve one purpose:

To send people to hit on enough walls, fall enough times, hurt them enough, so that people’s eyes would be opened, they’ll be able to pause and see things consciously once again, and they can look at life with a clarity that’ll allow them to make new choices that aren’t automatic but chosen, out of the self.

And that’s when you can live happy.


By choosing to live happy.

Yep, expecting to be happy isn’t going to turn out nice.

Being able to live life happily is a CHOICE.

A decision, to live as happy as you can no matter the circumstances, the situations, or whatever happens!

It sounds like a damn cliche.

But shit, stop for once.

Instead of reading this piece, understand it!

If you don’t agree with the above, it only means you gotta hit on more walls.

And that’s not a bad thing, because look – you could only experience pain because you’re ALIVE.

ALIVE and BREATHING, a beautiful thing especially when you think of all the things it can offer, when everything you do is done out of your choice!

It’s like playing an awesome game, life is. Whatever you do is like an experiment. You do this, you get this result, you do that, sometimes you still get this result! And yet you keep doing it, and sometimes, a miracle happens, something surprising comes as a result, smiles are exchanged, laughters fill everywhere around you, it’s Stunnin’. Curiosity is exchanged with satisfaction. Efforts are exchanged with fulfillment, or sometimes, a slightly prolonged one perhaps with tons of painful and suffering experiences worth making a movie out of for entertainment in between. Imagine how beautiful everything is, especially when you can really live happy and look on the brighter side, all the time!

That is why sometimes my best friend and I, we’d have conversations about experiences, people, or just things. And all of them, though they might not be the greatest, prettiest, classiest,  or most amazing of their category in the eyes of most people in the world, we’d still take up our glasses, make a clank and say the same thing everytime, “Perfect.”

Not perfect because of the level of public judgement in their category, but because we see them as natural and perfect as they are.

Now if you think you haven’t understand this clearly, please go up and read the above once more. It’ll be worth it, because life lived from this point is the most neutral and fair of all. You aren’t hindered by the games of the mind, and won’t easily be swept along blindly by the floods and waters of life. Even when you think you are, you could actually, with a snap of a switch of perception, put yourself in a powerful enough position that makes life perfect or beautiful again.

Something like this: Being reprimanded by your boss right in front of your face can actually make you smile (do it just inside your brain of course), because you’re reminded that it’s only because you’re alive that you can experience this seemingly horrendous image in front of you. Sitting on a chair feeling bored, you could suddenly see things the happy way and slow down your pace even further, feel your breathing, see the beatitudes of boredness or just entertain yourself with the littlest or dumbest (in an adults’ perception) of things like a baby would, even if it means singing or just laughing out of nowhere. Yes it’d seem dumb if you read the above through the ego. The point here is though, that if you wanna be happy, forget judgment and just be so. If not, if you wanna be pissed off once in a while, to be hurt, to beat yourself up, you could also choose to stick to that big ass ego for a while.

It’s all going to be out of choice!

So, you get me?

Hope you do, now go and laugh your socks off : )


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