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#151 Can you be spiritual without a religion?

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It’s not religion what people need.

Rather, wise guidances. Actions and change inspired by wise persons who understand how life is and how positive change can be accomplished.

If it’s religion what people need, why would anyone not be religious, and yet can be spiritual?

People are looking for someone who has attained what they truly are looking for in their hearts. And are hoping they can learn the way to do it.

If religions function in a way that limits a person’s heart from being truly opened, it can be better replaced.

Religious fanatics are persons who know the good that is taught, but don’t consciously understand them.

One can know how one doesn’t understand when meeting the person, one can’t sense his or her openness in heart. Anything that is otherwise is shown by someone who is knowledgeable, but has not understood the real lessons behind what the wisest have taught.

When the lessons are understood, the good will be done naturally and openly.

What most people are trying to learn is the way to happiness in the most natural way. Usually, it can be understood in seconds and with conscious practice, one may attain that happiness in more and more times in their lives. Results will be clear. Anything that withholds it from being understood swiftly and lengthens it unnaturally can be replaced.

It’s not religion what people need.

It’s the company of the wisest who can guide them in achieving positive change as soon as possible. The circle of people who can show them the wisest of ways to live and be happy at the end regardless of what reality brings. The people who can teach them how to help themselves, help others, and eventually help the world in the swiftest or most natural path possible.

I may be wrong in the end, but this is my opinion. Thanks.


P.S. One last thought: What religion would they have in the planet Mars, if there exists a civilization just like ours? What would they differ in teaching, and what would be similar?

To push it further, what religion would the civilization adopt in a planet outside of our galaxy, the milky way galaxy which already has billions of stars like our sun, if they exist? What would they teach that is similar, and where would they differ?

Perhaps the similarity will always be this: The best teachings would always not need religion to comprehend. They just need the guidance from those who are wise, in helping us understand, truly understand the core of being open and loving consciously, and eventually naturally, in everyday movements.

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